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SBFB Formula B Cleaner 186.66K
SS0008 Tris-Glycine-SDS running buffer 184.22K
SS0016 Safflower oil 180.14K
SS0020 Safranin O 188.66K
SS0027 Safranin O – 0.5% Aq 180.07K
SS0028 Safranin O counterstain (10% ethanol) 200.12K
SS0029 Safranin O – 0.25% 180.71K
SS0030 Safranin O – 1% Aq 180.14K
SS0033 Safranin O – 2.5% aq 180.15K
SS0035 Salicylic Acid 185.15K
SS0037 Salicylic Acid-Acetanilide 187.87K
SS0038 Shine Microscope Lens Cleaner 180.80K
SS0050 Sand Salt Iron mixture 310.92K
SS0050 Sand-Salt-Iron mixture 215.30K
SS0051 Sand-Salt-Sodium Benzoate-Iron mixture 311.49K
SS0052 Mixed Solutes 180.25K
SS0054 Soil Sample A 213.14K
SS0055 Soil Sample B 312.78K
SS0056 Soil Sample C 310.62K
SS0057 Soil Sample D 350.24K
SS0059 Sand equivalent stock solution 373.54K
SS0060 Sand Coarse 310.70K
SS0061 Molding Sand 186.14K
SS0080 Sand Fine 310.64K
SS0085 Polymeric Sand 395.43K
SS0090 Sand Fine White 311.83K
SS0097 Simulated Marijuana 195.02K
SS0098 Sandstone 312.74K
SS0100 Serine 178.05K
SS0102 Simulated Spatter Blood 178.88K
SS0105 Simulated Crude Oil 181.54K
SS0106 Sim Ocean Water – Atlantic 179.83K
SS0107 Sim Ocean Water – Pacific 179.26K
SS0108 Sim Gulf of Mexico Water 179.88K
SS0109 Synthetic THC Indicator 185.37K
SS0110 Schiff Reagent 184.18K
SS0120 Sebacoyl Chloride 202.83K
SS0121 Sebacoyl Chloride – Hexane 471.36K
SS0122 Shampoo Red 200.40K
SS0123 Shampoo #1 206.40K
SS0124 Sedi Sternheimer 181.05K
SS0126 Shampoo #2 206.36K
SS0127 Shampoo #3 204.79K
SS0129 Shampoo Green 200.57K
SS0130 Sesame oil 179.96K
SS0132 Orange Flake Shellac 183.36K
SS0133 Silicone Culture Gum 182.87K
SS0134 Seliwanoff Reagent 288.82K
SS0135 Silicone Oil 179.42K
SS0137 Silica gel 100-200 mesh non-indicating 180.53K
SS0138 Silica gel 35-60 mesh non-indicating 180.69K
SS0139 Silver Metal foil 186.23K
SS0140 Silica gel 6-12 mesh non-indicating 180.73K
SS0150 Silica Gel Indicating 211.09K
SS0151 Silicon Metal Lumps 180.40K
SS0152 Silicon dioxide 179.42K
SS0152 Silicon dioxide amorphous 211.89K
SS0155 Silver Chloride 191.83K
SS0156 Silver Metal foil 185.67K
SS0158 Silver acetate anhydrous 188.29K
SS0159 Silver Metal powder 185.11K
SS0160 Silver Nitrate 199.64K
SS0161 Silver Nitrate 1M (16.98%) 193.08K
SS0162 Silver Nitrate 1% 184.28K
SS0165 Silver Nitrate 0.014M 189.94K
SS0170 Silver Nitrate 10% 192.79K
SS0175 Silver Nitrate 0.0282M (0.47%) 184.68K
SS0178 Silver Nitrate 2.4% 184.36K
SS0179 Silver Nitrate 20% 193.39K
SS0180 Silver Nitrate 0.1M (1.7%) 185.45K
SS0181 Silver Nitrate 0.5M (8.49%) 184.41K
SS0182 Silver Nitrate 0.25M (4.25%) 184.36K
SS0183 Silver Nitrate 0.05M (0.85%) 184.34K
SS0185 Silver Nitrate 0.01M (0.17%) 184.41K
SS0186 Silver nitrate 0.14M (2.3%) 184.17K
SS0187 Silver Nitrate 0.2M (3.4%) 184.38K
SS0188 Silver Oxide 198.11K
SS0189 Soap antiseptic 180.31K
SS0192 Soap 5% Liquid 178.77K
SS0193 Simulated Human Antiserum 184.36K
SS0200 Soap standard solution 188.00K
SS0201 Aldon marine soap 186.48K
SS0202 Soap liquid 180.78K
SS0205 Soap, Castile 178.65K
SS0210 Soda Lime 193.54K
SS0215 Sodium Metal Cubes 193.45K
SS0216 Sodium Metal Lumps 193.46K
SS0217 Sodium metal sticks 193.99K
SS0228 Sodium Acetate 0.5M 178.84K
SS0229 Sodium acetate 0.1M (0.82%) 179.06K
SS0230 Sodium Acetate Anhydrous 180.58K
SS0231 Sodium Acetate 15% 178.80K
SS0232 Sodium Acetate 1M (8.2%) 179.04K
SS0233 Sodium Acetate Trihydrate 180.11K
SS0237 Sodium Alum Sulfate 179.14K
SS0260 Sodium Benzoate 185.16K
SS0269 Simulated Effervescent Antacid 185.24K
SS0270 Sodium Bicarbonate 179.18K
SS0272 Sodium (Bi)Carbonate Blend 184.39K
SS0273 Bicarbonate Indicator 10X 283.32K
SS0274 Bicarbonate Indicator 245.03K
SS0275 Sodium Bicarbonate 10% 178.94K
SS0281 Sodium Bicarbonate 0.5M (4.2%) 179.10K
SS0282 Sodium Bicarbonate 0.1M (0.84%) 179.10K
SS0283 Sodium Bicarbonate 1M 179.12K
SS0285 Sodium Bismuthate 184.26K
SS0290 Sodium Bisulfate Anhydrous 193.50K
SS0291 Sodium bisulfate monohydrate 192.57K
SS0293 Sodium Bisulfate 1.0M 191.74K
SS0295 Sodium bisulfate 0.1M 192.17K
SS0296 Sodium bisulfite 0.25M (2.6%) 177.47K
SS0304 Sodium Bisulfite ACS 194.21K
SS0305 Sodium Bisulfite RG 193.96K
SS0320 Sodium Borate 197.32K
SS0322 Sodium Borate 197.35K
SS0324 Sodium Borate 2% 197.05K
SS0334 Sodium Borate 6% 197.04K
SS0335 Sodium Borate 4% 196.77K
SS0336 Sodium Borate 4% w-dyes 197.79K
SS0338 Sodium Borate 1% 197.03K
SS0339 Sodium bromate 216.22K
SS0340 Sodium Bromide 181.30K
SS0349 Sodium Bromide 1M 182.07K
SS0351 Sodium Bromide 0.1M 182.12K
SS0352 Sodium Bromide 5% 183.42K
SS0353 Sodium Bromide 0.5M 183.31K
SS0355 Sodium carbonate anhydrous ACS 174.76K
SS0360 Sodium Carbonate Anhydrous 174.73K
SS0380 Sodium Carbonate Monohydrate 184.31K
SS0400 Sodium Carbonate 0.05M (0.5%) 176.28K
SS0402 Sodium Carbonate 1M (10.6%) 176.25K
SS0403 Sodium Carbonate 0.1M (1.06%) 176.32K
SS0404 Sodium Carbonate 0.5M (5.3%) 176.52K
SS0405 Sodium Carbonate 0.2M (2.12%) 176.28K
SS0406 Sodium Carbonate 15% 176.22K
SS0407 Sodium Carbonate 6% 176.21K
SS0408 Sodium Carbonate Saturated 176.24K
SS0409 Sodium Carbonate 2% 176.21K
SS0410 Sodium Chlorate 191.91K
SS0426 Sodium Chloride 6% 180.47K
SS0427 Sodium Chloride 1% 179.87K
SS0428 Sodium Chloride 5% 180.03K
SS0429 Sodium Chloride 10% 178.51K
SS0430 Sodium Chloride 178.95K
SS0431 Sodium Chloride 1.5% 179.89K
SS0432 Sodium Chloride 15% 179.82K
SS0433 Sodium Chloride 0.1% 178.61K
SS0435 Sodium Chloride 0.2M (1.17%) 179.51K
SS0436 Sodium Chloride 20% 178.51K
SS0437 Sodium Chloride 35% 178.97K
SS0438 Sodium Chloride 0.5M (2.92%) 178.55K
SS0439 Sodium Chloride Solution (26.42%) 179.86K
SS0440 Sodium Chloride 25% 180.10K
SS0441 Sodium Chloride 1M (5.84%) 178.87K
SS0442 Sodium Chloride 0.1M (0.58%) 178.55K
SS0443 Sodium Chloride 0.85% 178.53K
SS0445 Sodium Chloride 178.94K
SS0447 Sea Salt 178.93K
SS0450 Sodium Chloride 178.96K
SS0469 Sodium Chromate 1M 211.16K
SS0470 Sodium chromate anhydrous 231.79K
SS0471 Sodium Chromate 0.1M 196.06K
SS0472 Sodium Chromate 0.2M 196.05K
SS0480 Sodium Citrate Dihydrate 180.66K
SS0482 Sodium citrate 1% 158.93K
SS0486 Sodium Hydrogen Citrate 0.1M 178.62K
SS0488 Sodium Dihydrogen Citrate 179.71K
SS0489 Sodium Dihydrogen Citrate 1M (21.41%) 179.37K
SS0518 Sodium dichromate 0.2M (5.66%) 213.47K
SS0519 Sodium Dichromate 0.1M (2.91%) 373.30K
SS0520 Sodium dichromate dihydrate 225.98K
SS0531 Sodium Ferrocyanide 0.1M 174.87K
SS0532 Sodium Ferrocyanide 176.85K
SS0533 Sodium Fluoride 1M (4.2%) 192.51K
SS0534 SODIUM FLUORIDE 0.1M (0.42%) 192.01K
SS0535 Sodium Fluoride 192.05K
SS0548 Sodium hexametaphosphate 180.07K
SS0550 Sodium Hydroxide Pellets 194.60K
SS0570 Sodium Hydroxide, Anhy 194.61K
SS0572 Sodium hydroxide 25% paste 193.14K
SS0572a Sodium hydroxide 20% paste 193.81K
SS0573 Sodium hydroxide 10% 193.72K
SS0574 Sodium Hydroxide 3M (12%) 192.39K
SS0575 Sodium Hydroxide 2M (8%) 193.74K
SS0576 Sodium Hydroxide 6M (24%) 193.32K
SS0577 Sodium Hydroxide 8M (32%) 193.46K
SS0578 Sodium Hydroxide 0.005M (0.02%) 182.61K
SS0579 Sodium Hydroxide 0.05M (0.2%) 182.59K
SS0580 Sodium Hydroxide 1M (4%) 193.25K
SS0581 Sodium Hydroxide 0.2M (0.8%) 185.24K
SS0582 Sodium Hydroxide 0.5M (2%) 192.94K
SS0583 Sodium Hydroxide 0.1% 184.05K
SS0584 Sodium Hydrosulfite 185.73K
SS0585 Sodium Hydroxide 0.75M (3%) 193.65K
SS0586 Sodium Hydroxide 0.3M (1.2%) 184.26K
SS0590 Sodium Hydroxide 10M 193.18K
SS0591 Sodium hydroxide 0.25M (1%) 184.68K
SS0592 Sodium Hydroxide 0.02M (0.08%) 182.61K
SS0593 Sodium Hydroxide 0.01M (0.04%) 182.61K
SS0594 Sodium Hydroxide 50% Membrane Grade 193.58K
SS0595 Sodium Hydroxide 50% 193.53K
SS0597 Sodium Hydroxide (20%) 193.72K
SS0598 Sodium Hydroxide 0.067M (0.268%) 182.60K
SS0600 Sodium Hydroxide 0.1M (0.4%) 188.03K
SS0601 Sodium Hydroxide 30% 193.61K
SS0602 Night Time Cleaner 186.62K
SS0604 Sodium Hypochlorite 0.1% 185.33K
SS0605 Sodium Hypochlorite 3.25% 185.25K
SS0608 Sodium Hypochlorite 1.0% 184.78K
SS0609 Sodium Hypochlorite concentrate 12-13% 193.34K
SS0610 Sodium Hypochlorite 5% 185.14K
SS0611 Sodium Hypochlorite 5.25% 185.60K
SS0612 Sodium Hypochlorite 10% 196.40K
SS0614 Sodium Hypochlorite 2.5% 185.55K
SS0615 Sodium Iodate 213.98K
SS0620 Sodium Iodide 184.35K
SS0631 Sodium Iodide 0.1M 182.93K
SS0632 Sodium Iodide 1M 179.84K
SS0633 Sodium Iodide 0.5M 180.24K
SS0647 10% SDS-1.5% NaCl -solid 201.32K
SS0648 Sodium Lauryl Sulfate 10% 190.70K
SS0650 Sodium Lauryl Sulfate 209.74K
SS0655 Sodium Lauryl Sulfate Powder 199.46K
SS0656 SDS-NaCl Solution 241.07K
SS0660 Sodium Metabisulfite 193.32K
SS0670 Sodium Molybdate 179.85K
SS0676 Sodium Nitrate 0.6M (5.1%) 181.58K
SS0677 Sodium Nitrate 0.9M (7.65%) 181.61K
SS0680 Sodium Nitrate RG 190.44K
SS0690 Sodium Nitrate LG 190.46K
SS0691 Sodium Nitrate 0.1M (0.85%) 180.68K
SS0692 Sodium Nitrate 1M 181.45K
SS0693 Sodium Nitrate 0.5M (4.25%) 180.73K
SS0694 Sodium Nitrate 26.42% 183.35K
SS0695 Sodium Nitrate 40% 184.36K
SS0696 Sodium Nitrate 10% 180.20K
SS0697 Sodium Nitrate 37% 183.99K
SS0698 Sodium Nitrate-Phosphate Solution 180.18K
SS0699 Sodium Nitrate 1000 ppm (0.1%) 180.44K
SS0700 Sodium Nitrite 198.88K
SS0705 Sodium Nitrite 0.5M (3.45%) 185.99K
SS0710 Sodium Nitroferricyanide 193.85K
SS0720 Sodium Oxalate 193.59K
SS0721 Sodium oxalate 0.1M with sod azide 178.85K
SS0724 Sodium Oxalate 0.1M (1.34%) 177.67K
SS0725 Sodium perborate 214.02K
SS0734 Sodium percarbonate 203.45K
SS0755 Sodium Phosphate Monobasic Monohydrate 182.25K
SS0756 Sodium Phosphate Monobasic Anhydrous 181.48K
SS0757 Sodium Phosphate 1M 172.97K
SS0758 Sodium Phosphate 0.1M (1.2%) 173.01K
SS0759 SODIUM PHOSPHATE 3% (dibasic) 180.32K
SS0760 Sodium Phosphate Dibasic Anhydrous RG 181.93K
SS0761 Sodium Phosphate Dibasic Heptahydrate 181.25K
SS0762 Sodium Phosphate 10% 173.89K
SS0763 Sodium Phosphate 0.5M (dibasic) 181.76K
SS0770 Sodium Phosphate dibasic anhydrous ACS 181.91K
SS0790 Sodium Phosphate Tribasic Dodecahydrate 190.45K
SS0795 Sodium Salicylate 185.16K
SS0796 Sodium Phosphate 1000 ppm (0.1%) 178.76K
SS0802 Sodium Phosphate Tri 0.1M 178.36K
SS0803 Sodium polyacrylate 183.12K
SS0804 Sodium Pyruvate 178.89K
SS0805 Sodium Metasilicate Pentahydrate 193.67K
SS0807 Sodium Polyacrylate 183.62K
SS0814 Sodium Polysulfide Solution 207.20K
SS0818 Sodium Rhodizonate 180.29K
SS0820 Sodium Silicate Water Glass 189.29K
SS0823 Sodium Silicate 0.1M 193.47K
SS0824 Sodium Silicate 15% using Water Glass 189.24K
SS0825 Sodium Silicate 15% 196.31K
SS0827 Sodium Sulfate 0.5% 174.86K
SS0828 Sodium Sulfate 0.5M (7.1%) 174.76K
SS0829 Sodium Sulfate Anhydrous 174.89K
SS0830 Sodium Sulfate 174.89K
SS0841 Sodium Sulfate 0.1M (1.42%) 174.69K
SS0842 Sodium Sulfate 1M 174.70K
SS0843 Sodium Sulfate 0.2M (2.84%) 174.67K
SS0844 Sodium Sulfate Decahydrate 176.37K
SS0845 Sodium Sulfide Nonahydrate 200.20K
SS0846 Sodium Sulfide Nonahydrate 200.20K
SS0847 Sodium Sulfide 2M 198.91K
SS0848 Sodium Sulfide 1M 198.92K
SS0849 Sodium Sulfite 208.83K
SS0850 Sodium Sulfite 207.87K
SS0851 Sodium Sulfite 1M 208.26K
SS0861 Sodium Sulfite 0.1M 209.20K
SS0862 Sodium Sulfide 0.1M (2.4%) 198.98K
SS0869 Sodium Thiocyanate 0.1M 178.81K
SS0870 Sodium Thiocyanate 182.98K
SS0880 Sodium Thiosulfate Pentahydrate 181.32K
SS0882 Sodium Thiosulfate Anhydrous 180.26K
SS0893 Sodium Thiosulfate 0.01M (0.158%) 179.80K
SS0894 Sodium Thiosulfate 0.001M (0.02%) 179.82K
SS0895 Sodium thiosulfate 0.025M (0.395%) 179.78K
SS0896 Sodium Thiosulfate Titrant 179.93K
SS0897 Sodium Thiosulfate 1.0M (15.8%) 180.11K
SS0898 Sodium Thiosulfate 0.5M (7.9%) 180.14K
SS0899 Sodium Thiosulfate 0.15M (3.7%) 179.82K
SS0900 Sodium Thiosulfate 0.1M (1.58%) 179.51K
SS0906 Solder, lead-free 183.84K
SS0908 Soil Test Solution 186.02K
SS0913 Bird-Spider dropping remover 185.43K
SS0914 Spearmint Oil 184.15K
SS0917 Neutralizing Mixture for Caustics 185.47K
SS0918 Neutralizing Mixture for Acids 325.41K
SS0932 Stannic Chloride Pentahydrate 192.69K
SS0933 Stannic Chloride 1M (26.05%) 194.30K
SS0934 Stannic Chloride 0.1M (2.60%) 185.62K
SS0935 Stannic Oxide 180.39K
SS0936 Stannous Chloride 0.2M (4.5%) 187.48K
SS0937 Stannous Chloride Dihydrate 194.22K
SS0938 Stannous Chloride 1M (22.563%) 290.39K
SS0939 Stannous Chloride 0.1M (2.26%) 238.00K
SS0940 Starch Soluble 179.62K
SS0944 Stannic Chloride 0.2M (5.21%) 187.44K
SS0945 Starch 5% 179.54K
SS0947 Stainless Steel Grill Cleaner 162.45K
SS0950 Starch Corn 179.44K
SS0960 Starch Potato 179.05K
SS0961 Starch Solution 180.19K
SS0962 Starch Solution 180.54K
SS0970 Steel shot 0.5mm 176.01K
SS0972 Steel shot 1mm 175.97K
SS0978 Starch 2% 178.94K
SS0979 Rheoscopic Fluid 282.18K
SS0980 Rheoscopic Fluid concentrated 242.22K
SS0982 Starch 1% 178.47K
SS0984 Starch 2% 179.99K
SS0985 Starch 0.1% 178.49K
SS0989 Steel Wool 173.34K
SS0990 Stearic Acid 180.12K
SS0991 Strontium Chloride 0.1M 181.14K
SS0992 Strontium Chloride 0.5M 181.16K
SS0995 Steel shot 2mm 176.31K
SS0996 Strontium Chloride Hexahydrate RG 188.97K
SS0997 Strontium Chloride 5% 181.07K
SS0998 Strontium Carbonate 179.79K
SS0999 Strontium Chloride hexahydrate ACS 188.94K
SS1000 Strontium Nitrate ACS 190.70K
SS1001 Strontium Chloride 1M 182.90K
SS1005 Strontium Nitrate 40% 183.93K
SS1006 Strontium Oxide 195.26K
SS1010 Strontium Nitrate LG 190.72K
SS1011 Strontium Nitrate 0.1M 184.01K
SS1013 Strontium Nitrate 1M 183.99K
SS1015 Succinic Acid 192.84K
SS1020 Sucrose 178.55K
SS1021 Sugar Cubes 178.73K
SS1022 Sugar, Powdered 179.47K
SS1023 Sugar, Raw 160.17K
SS1031 Sucrose 0.1M (3.42%) 179.39K
SS1032 Sucrose 0.5M (17.12%) 178.90K
SS1033 Sucrose 5% 180.05K
SS1034 Sucrose 1% 178.90K
SS1036 Sucrose 20% 178.90K
SS1040 Sudan III 179.63K
SS1050 Sudan III in IPA 188.97K
SS1060 Sudan IV 180.65K
SS1068 Sudan Fat Stain, 0.018M Solution 209.02K
SS1069 Sudan IV Fat Stain Herxheimer 201.09K
SS1070 Sudan IV in Alcohol 190.04K
SS1075 Sudan Black B 179.63K
SS1078 Sulfamic Acid 184.66K
SS1079 Sulfanilic acid 184.74K
SS1080 Sulfanilic acid 0.1M (1.73%) 278.85K
SS1085 Sulfur Rolls 183.48K
SS1090 Sulfur Flour 184.51K
SS1109 Sulfuric Acid 0.02M 198.33K
SS1109 Sulfuric Acid 0.02M pdf 296.10K
SS1110 Sulkowitch Reagent 196.32K
SS1111 Sulfuric Acid 4.5 M 401.31K
SS1111 Sulfuric acid 4.5M (24.75%) 224.40K
SS1113 Sulfuric Acid 0.2M 296.04K
SS1113 Sulfuric Acid 0.2M (1.1%) 198.32K
SS1115 Sulfuric Acid 93% 399.29K
SS1116 Sulfuric Acid 2M 342.97K
SS1117 Sulfuric Acid 9M (47%) 401.75K
SS1118 Sulfuric Acid 98% 397.94K
SS1119 Sulfuric Acid 0.01M 295.98K
SS1120 Sulfuric Acid 0.05M 296.02K
SS1121 Sulfuric Acid 0.5M 296.08K
SS1121 Sulfuric Acid 0.5M (2.62%) 198.31K
SS1122 Sulfuric Acid 5M 401.70K
SS1122 Sulfuric Acid 5M (26.2%) 225.18K
SS1124 Sulfuric Acid acid rain 199.24K
SS1124 Sulfuric Acid Rain 294.06K
SS1125 Sulfuric Acid 1M (5.23%) 342.82K
SS1126 Sulfuric Acid 6M 401.22K
SS1126 Sulfuric Acid 6M (31.4%) 226.24K
SS1127 Sulfuric Acid 3M (15.7%) 401.27K
SS1128 Sulfuric Acid 0.1M 296.04K
SS1128 Sulfuric Acid 0.1M (0.523%) 198.34K
SS1129 Sulfuric Acid 2.5M (13%) 343.57K
SS1130 Sulfurous Acid 6% 330.10K
SS1130 Sulfurous Acid 6% Sol 194.45K
SS1133 Sulfuric Acid 72% 401.85K
SS1134 Sulfuric acid 25% 400.89K
SS1136 Sulfuric Acid 0.75M (4.12%) 296.03K
SS1138 Simulated Acid Rain 10X concentrate 296.08K
SS1139 Sulfuric acid 0.95M (5.2%) 342.84K
SS1143 Solvent Solution 178.64K
SS1144 Sunflower oil 180.35K
SS2101 Mixture Salt-Sand & Sodium Benzoate 351.17K

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