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PP0001 Bright Red Acrylic Paint 166.98K
PP0005 Palm oil 169.61K
PP0006 Palmitic Acid 161.23K
PP0010 Pancreatin 199.66K
PP0010A Pancreatin Bile Salts 188.02K
PP0047 Stone Cleaner 155.45K
PP0048 Patio Metal Cleaner 155.43K
PP0049 Patio Canvas Cleaner 151.53K
PP0050 Patio Glass Cleaner 152.53K
PP0051 Paraffin Wax Cake 168.69K
PP0053 Papain 187.76K
PP0054 Patio Grout Sealer 161.86K
PP0055 Peanut oil 167.27K
PP0056 Paraffin Wax Granules 168.66K
PP0057 Pentane 188.58K
PP0060 Peppermint Oil 172.87K
PP0061 Pectinase 0.1% 192.07K
PP0062 Pectinase 179.09K
PP0064 Penicillin sodium salt 182.56K
PP0070 Pepsin 1-3000 172.74K
PP0071 Pepsin 1-10000 174.03K
PP0080 Peptone beef 180.01K
PP0090 Permutit 171.85K
PP0100 Petrolatum 171.18K
PP0105 Petroleum Ether 209.83K
PP0112 Phenanthroline 5% 168.91K
PP0113 Phenanthroline 0.1% 168.76K
PP0114 Phenanthroline Monohydrate 181.46K
PP0115 Phenol 201.07K
PP0117 Polyvinyl Alcohol 4% 170.71K
PP0118 Polyvinyl Alcohol 172.00K
PP0119 Polyvinyl Alcohol 5% 170.70K
PP0120 Phenol 88-90% 201.66K
PP0121 Polyvinyl Alcohol 3% 170.14K
PP0130 Phenol 5% 202.51K
PP0139 Phenolphthalein Agar 182.69K
PP0140 Phenolphthalein 184.24K
PP0154 Phenolphthalein Solution 200.85K
PP0156 Phenolphthalein Indicator 0.05% 200.71K
PP0157 Phenolphthalein 1% 192.06K
PP0158 Phenolphthalein in Potassium Hydroxide 197.48K
PP0159 Phenolphthalein Solution 2% 200.87K
PP0160 Phenolphthalein 1% in IPA 195.98K
PP0161 Phenolphthalein 0.5% Solution 193.78K
PP0164 Phenolphthalein in Methanol 200.58K
PP0170 Phenol Red Sodium Salt 170.88K
PP0174 Phenol Red 0.04% 168.29K
PP0175 Phenol Red 0.02% 167.30K
PP0180 Phenol Red 1% in IPA-Water 179.26K
PP0181 Phenol Red 0.02% in ethanol 182.39K
PP0183 Phenomenon Concentrate 166.41K
PP0184 Phenomenon working solution 167.60K
PP0185 Phenylalanine 166.77K
PP0189 Phenylethylamine fish oil 189.90K
PP0191 Phenyl Salicylate 168.80K
PP0200 Phenylthiourea 179.79K
PP0210 Phloroglucinol Alc Solution 5% 199.78K
PP0220 Phloroglucinol Dihydrate 169.65K
PP0221 Phosphorous Fertilizer 0-46-0 169.59K
PP0222 Potash Fertilizer 0-0-60 169.61K
PP0231 Phthalic anhydride 209.75K
PP0233 Phosphate Buffered Sailne solid 169.58K
PP0234 Phosphate Buffer PH 6.86 164.26K
PP0235 Phosphate Buffer Solution 163.23K
PP0236 Phoshate Buffered Saline pH 7.2 169.54K
PP0237 Phosphate Buffer PH7 165.54K
PP0238 Phosphate Buffer Solution PH 7 170.31K
PP0239 Phosphoric Acid 85% 211.49K
PP0240 Phosphoric Acid 25% 184.42K
PP0243 Phosphoric Acid 10% 184.52K
PP0246 Phosphate Standard 10 PPM 161.29K
PP0251 Phosphoric Acid 1M (6.6%) 178.88K
PP0252 Phosphoric Acid 0.1M (0.98%) 169.18K
PP0253 Phosphate pollutant 162.54K
PP0254 Phosphorous Fertilizer 0-44-0 169.88K
PP0280 Physiological Saline mammals 167.74K
PP0290 Piccolyte Resin 188.65K
PP0291 Piccolyte mounting media 187.43K
PP0293 Plant extract buffer 164.93K
PP0299 Polyacrylamide 172.00K
PP0314 Plastilube 10-592 169.70K
PP0324 Polymer Super Absorbent 171.47K
PP0325 Polymer Snow 171.44K
PP0330 Potassium Acetate 169.85K
PP0331 Potassium acetate 5M (32.92%) 167.38K
PP0333 Polytetrafluoroethylene 154.29K
PP0340 Potassium Bicarbonate 167.67K
PP0352 Potassium Bicarbonate Blend 181.40K
PP0360 Potassium binoxalate 173.94K
PP0370 Potassium Bisulfate 183.34K
PP0380 Potassium Bitartrate 170.40K
PP0395 Potassium Bromate 202.55K
PP0396 Potassium Bromate 5% 194.23K
PP0397 Potassium Bromate 0.04% 193.97K
PP0398 Potassium Bromate 0.04M 193.97K
PP0400 Potassium Bromide 175.54K
PP0408 Potassium Bromide 0.5M (5.95%) 172.33K
PP0409 Potassium Bromide 1M (11.9%) 172.23K
PP0412 Potassium Bromide 0.05M (0.6%) 172.27K
PP0415 Potassium Bromide 10% 172.14K
PP0418 Potassium Bromide 0.1M (1.2%) 172.24K
PP0419 Potassium Carbonate Sesquihydrate 166.81K
PP0420 Potassium Carbonate Anhydrous 165.52K
PP0431 Potassium Carbonate 0.1M (1.38%) 162.85K
PP0432 Potassium Carbonate 0.05M (0.7%) 162.67K
PP0433 Potassium Carbonate 1M (16.5%) 163.42K
PP0439 Potassium Chlorate 183.53K
PP0440 Potassium Chlorate 183.52K
PP0452 Pot Chlorate-Sod Sulfite Solution 202.32K
PP0459 Potassium Chloride 170.81K
PP0460 Potassium Chloride 172.66K
PP0469 Potassium Chloride 0.05M 160.29K
PP0471 Potassium Chloride 0.5M 162.60K
PP0472 Potassium Chloride 0.1M 162.59K
PP0473 Potassium Chloride 1M 163.04K
PP0474 Potassium Chloride 5% 161.18K
PP0475 Potassium Chloride saturated 160.33K
PP0480 Potassium Chromate 203.35K
PP0489 Potassium Chromate 0.05M (0.97%) 193.52K
PP0492 Potassium Chromate 1M (19.41%) 194.21K
PP0493 Potassium Chromate solution 192.37K
PP0494 Potassium Chromate 0.1M (1.94%) 193.38K
PP0495 Potassium Chromate 0.5M (9.7%) 193.32K
PP0496 Potassium Chromate 25% 192.40K
PP0516 Potassium Dichromate 233.00K
PP0521 Potassium Dichromate 0.1M 229.39K
PP0530 Potassium Ferricyanide 163.84K
PP0539 Potassium Ferricyanide 1M 162.74K
PP0541 Potassium Ferricyanide 0.05M 163.44K
PP0542 Potassium Ferricyanide 0.1M 163.28K
PP0543 Potassium Ferricyanide solution 162.81K
PP0550 Potassium Ferrocyanide 166.64K
PP0551 Potassium Ferrocyanide 0.1M 163.05K
PP0552 Potassium Ferrocyanide 0.05M 162.63K
PP0559 Paraffin Liquid 182.12K
PP0563 Potassium Fluoride 181.41K
PP0566 Potassium Hydrogen Phthalate 169.38K
PP0567 Potassium Hydrogen Phthalate 0.1M 170.20K
PP0569 Potassium Hydroxide 3M 184.24K
PP0570 Potassium Hydroxide 182.68K
PP0590 Potassium Hydroxide 185.45K
PP0591 Potassium Hydroxide 1M 184.65K
PP0593 Potassium Hydroxide 10.5% 184.48K
PP0594 Potassium Hydroxide 5M (28.1%) 184.45K
PP0595 Potassium Hyrdoxide 6M 183.72K
PP0596 Potassium Hydroxide 2% 184.61K
PP0597 Potassium Hydroxide 0.5M 184.52K
PP0598 Potassium Hydroxide 9M 184.27K
PP0599 Potassium Hydroxide 15% 184.56K
PP0600 Potassium Hydroxide 0.1M 175.09K
PP0601 Potassium Iodate 180.04K
PP0602 Potassium Iodate 0.024M 171.26K
PP0603 Potassium Iodate 0.1M 171.67K
PP0605 Potassium Iodate 0.2M 192.22K
PP0606 Potassium Iodide 10% 174.99K
PP0607 Potassium Iodate 0.01M 170.80K
PP0610 Potassium Iodide 175.62K
PP0611 Potassium Iodide 0.5% Solution 174.94K
PP0625 Potassium Iodide 3% Solution 175.58K
PP0626 Potassium Iodide 0.01M 175.08K
PP0627 Potassium Iodide 0.5M 174.81K
PP0628 Potassium Iodide 0.05M 174.94K
PP0629 Potassium Iodide 1M 175.42K
PP0630 Potassium Iodide 0.1M 175.13K
PP0631 Potassium Iodide 0.1% 174.86K
PP0632 Potassium Iodide 0.2M 176.22K
PP0633 Potassium Iodide 2M 175.03K
PP0635 Potassium Metal Lumps 183.39K
PP0650 Potassium Nitrate Prills 180.11K
PP0655 Potassium Nitrate Crystals 182.10K
PP0661 Potassium Nitrate 0.1M (1.01%) 169.79K
PP0662 Potassium Nitrate 1M (10.1%) 173.89K
PP0663 Potassium Nitrate saturated (35.7%) 173.65K
PP0664 Potassium Nitrate 0.2M (2.02%) 169.17K
PP0665 Potassium Nitrate ACS 179.78K
PP0666 Potassium Nitrate (25%) 173.85K
PP0667 Potassium Nitrate 0.5M (5.06%) 173.84K
PP0668 Potassium Nitrate (0.253%) 169.75K
PP0670 Potassium Nitrite 187.97K
PP0680 Potassium Oxalate 183.60K
PP0700 Potassium Permanganate 180.05K
PP0701 Potassium permanganate ACS 180.00K
PP0703 Potassium Permanganate 5% 174.58K
PP0708 Potassium Permanganate 2% 174.82K
PP0709 Potassium Permanganate 0.05M 173.07K
PP0711 Potassium Permanganate 0.1M 174.80K
PP0712 Potassium Permanganate 0.02M 173.43K
PP0713 Potassium Permanganate 0.01M 173.42K
PP0714 Potassium Permanganate 0.2M 174.96K
PP0715 Potassium Permanganate 0.4M (6.32%) 175.20K
PP0719 Potassium Persulfate 207.62K
PP0722 Potassium persulfate saturated (7%) 199.02K
PP0725 Phosphate buffer solution 163.28K
PP0730 Potassium Phosphate Monobasic 167.10K
PP0734 Potassium Phosphate Solution 163.03K
PP0739 Potassium Phosphate dibasic 165.75K
PP0740 Potassium Phosphate Dibasic 165.01K
PP0745 Excess Phosphate Solution 170.73K
PP0746 Potassium Phosphate Mono 1M 162.02K
PP0750 Potassium Phosphate Tribasic 165.86K
PP0752 Potassium Phosphate Tri 0.1M 162.28K
PP0753 Potassium Polyacrylate 171.18K
PP0755 Potassium Sodium Tartrate 171.42K
PP0756 Potassium Sodium Tartrate 0.3M 169.70K
PP0757 Potassium Sodium Tartrate 12% 168.36K
PP0770 Potassium Sulfate Anhydrous 168.62K
PP0779 Potassium Sulfate Anhydrous ACS 168.78K
PP0781 Potassium Sulfate 0.1M 168.43K
PP0782 Potassium Sulfate 0.05M 167.86K
PP0783 Potassium Sulfate 1M 168.35K
PP0784 Potassium Sulfafe 10% 167.72K
PP0785 Poassium Sulfate 0.5M 168.33K
PP0790 Potassium Thiocyanate 173.05K
PP0798 Potassium Thiocyanate 0.001M (0.0001%) 169.46K
PP0799 Potassium Thiocyanate 0.01M (0.097%) 169.45K
PP0800 Potassium Thiocyanate 0.002M (0.019%) 169.18K
PP0801 Potassium Thiocyanate 0.1M (0.97%) 169.02K
PP0802 Potassium Thiocyanate 1M (9.7%) 169.03K
PP0803 Potassium Thiocyanate 0.2M (1.94%) 169.44K
PP0804 Potassium Thiocyanate 0.5M (4.86%) 169.83K
PP0807 Potato flakes 165.67K
PP0810 Proline 166.64K
PP0811 ProlineSolution 166.19K
PP0820 Propionic Acid 184.69K
PP0835 Propyl Alcohol 184.82K
PP0860 Propylene Glycol 169.48K
PP0863 Propylene glycol 10% 169.34K
PP0864 Potassium Phosphate 0.1M 161.49K
PP0900 Pyrogallic Acid 186.39K
PP0908 Pyron B solution 164.94K
PP0921 Ponceau Methyl Orange 170.38K
PP0923 Ponceau- Pyronon solution 166.99K
PP0924 Ponceau solution w sucrose 166.90K
PP0950 Phenol Chloroform and Isoamyl Alcohol 172.83K
PP9400 Poly(vinyl chloride) 172.94K

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