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CC0007 Calcium Carbonate Tablet 166.93K
CC0008 Cabbage Solution, Red 200.69K
CC0009 Cabbage, red extract 184.28K
CC0011 Cadmium Metal Powder 218.71K
CC0013 Cadmium metal 218.72K
CC0014 Cadmium Metal Mossy 213.34K
CC0016 Cadmium metal sticks 217.60K
CC0017 Cadmium Chloride 0.01M 225.06K
CC0018 Cadmium chloride anhydrous 191.51K
CC0019 Cadmium Chloride Hemipentahydrate 215.73K
CC0020 Cadmium nitrate tetrahydrate 216.66K
CC0023 Cadmium Nitrate 0.1M 218.48K
CC0025 Caffeine 171.56K
CC0026 Caffeine 0.1% 169.81K
CC0027 Caffeine 0.015M (0.29%) 196.25K
CC0028 Calcite 188.31K
CC0029 Calcium superphosphate 197.07K
CC0030 Calcium Metal 8 Mesh 175.64K
CC0035 Calcium Metal Turnings 175.82K
CC0036 Calcium metal 6 mesh 175.62K
CC0038 Calcium Acetate 172.53K
CC0040 Calcium acetate saturated solution 171.82K
CC0045 Calcium Carbide 173.91K
CC0055 Calcium Carbonate Powder 208.18K
CC0056 Calcium Chloride with Fluorescein 199.00K
CC0057 Calcium Chloride with Rhodamine B 199.64K
CC0058 Calcium Chloride with Quinine Sulfate 216.99K
CC0060 Calcium Carbonate Marble Chips 208.12K
CC0062 Calcium ammonium nitrate fertilizer 195.92K
CC0064 Calcium Chloride Dihydrate Flake 174.63K
CC0065 Calcium Chloride Dihydrate Powder 174.90K
CC0068 Calcium Chloride 1M w-Phenolphthalein 198.03K
CC0069 Calcium Chloride 1M 172.64K
CC0070 Calcium Chloride 0.1M 172.59K
CC0071 Calcium Chloride 5% Aq 195.62K
CC0072 Calcium chloride 30% aq 172.60K
CC0074 Calcium chloride 4M aq 195.73K
CC0075 Calcium Chloride Anhydrous Pellets 174.27K
CC0076 Calcium Chloride 0.05M Aq Sterile 195.97K
CC0077 Calcium chloride 0.5M aq 195.97K
CC0078 Calcium chloride 0.2M aq 195.83K
CC0080 Calcium Chloride Anhydrous Lumps 174.33K
CC0081 Calcium chloride 0.05M aq 195.95K
CC0082 Calcium chloride 0.9M aq 195.81K
CC0083 Calcium chloride 0.75M aq 196.15K
CC0085 Calcium fluoride 170.19K
CC0090 Calcium Hydroxide 184.76K
CC0095 Calcium Hydroxide LG 184.71K
CC0100 Calcium hydroxide 0.2% 162.89K
CC0101 Calcium hydroxide 0.1M (0.74%) 163.01K
CC0105 Calcium hypochlorite 192.10K
CC0110 Calcium Nitrate Tetrahydrate 184.98K
CC0113 Calcium nitrate 0.5M (11.79%) 172.41K
CC0114 Calcium nitrate 40% 173.40K
CC0115 Calcium Nitrate Tetrahydrate 185.00K
CC0116 Calcium Nitrate 0.1M (2.36%) 172.36K
CC0117 Calcium Nitrate 0.05M (1.18%) 172.40K
CC0118 Calcium nitrate 0.2M (4.72%) 172.64K
CC0119 Calcium Nitrate 1M 172.31K
CC0120 Calcium Oxide 185.05K
CC0130 Calcium Oxide 185.06K
CC0134 Calcium phosphate monohydrate 168.74K
CC0139 Calcium phosphate dihydrate 170.38K
CC0145 Calcium phosphate tribasic 170.38K
CC0147 Calcium sulfate anhydrous 169.51K
CC0150 Calcium Sulfate Dihydrate 171.32K
CC0155 Calcium Sulfate Hemihydrate 229.61K
CC0156 Calcium sulfate dihydrate 171.70K
CC0157 Calcium Sulfate Anhydrous Indicating 199.46K
CC0158 Calcium sulfate anhydrous 169.83K
CC0159 Calmagite 167.73K
CC0160 Camphor 184.01K
CC0163 Carbol Fuchsin 224.38K
CC0165 Carbon Fuchsin (Ziehl-Neelsen) 202.93K
CC0166 Calmagite 0.1% indicator 167.89K
CC0167 Carbol Rose Bengal 244.05K
CC0168 Carbon fuchsin modified 243.39K
CC0169 Carbon Disulfide 193.19K
CC0177 Carbonic acid 197.97K
CC0180 Carborundum coarse 192.03K
CC0184 Carborundum 220 grit 207.07K
CC0185 Carborundum 400 grit 207.08K
CC0186 Carborundum 600 grit 207.44K
CC0190 Carmine Alum Lake 167.60K
CC0194 Carmine alum 0.5% in ethanol 182.63K
CC0195 Carminic acid 167.41K
CC0199 Carnoys solution 190.01K
CC0200 Carnoys solution 201.27K
CC0205 Casein 166.01K
CC0206 Castor oil 166.73K
CC0210 Catalase 166.89K
CC0215 Catalase Solid 166.44K
CC0220 Cedarwood oil 169.36K
CC0222 Catechol 174.87K
CC0227 Cellulase Enzyme 196.09K
CC0228 Cellulase 0.1% 167.38K
CC0229 Cesium chloride 169.36K
CC0230 Cellulose 169.26K
CC0236 Cellulose Acetate Phthalate 149.14K
CC0240 Super Cement Hypo, Super 186.56K
CC0242 Acrylic Glue 177.45K
CC0245 Chlorophyll alfalfa 168.00K
CC0246 Cetyl alcohol 168.58K
CC0248 Carbon Black 182.66K
CC0250 Charcoal Activated Powder 168.67K
CC0251 Charcoal Activated Granules 168.76K
CC0252 Charcoal blowpipe sticks 169.37K
CC0255 Charcoal animal bone 168.13K
CC0256 Carbon Pelletized Activated 170.90K
CC0260 Charcoal Wood Powder 169.12K
CC0265 Charcoal Wood Lump 170.56K
CC0269 Chemiluminescence Solution 171.21K
CC0270 Chlorine Water 183.09K
CC0275 Chloroform 202.61K
CC0281 Chlorophyll extract 199.89K
CC0284 Cherry Syrup 169.67K
CC0285 Chromium Metal 174.69K
CC0294 Chromium nitrate 0.1M 178.14K
CC0295 Chromium nitrate 192.07K
CC0296 Chromium chloride hexahydrate 210.00K
CC0300 Chromium oxide 173.60K
CC0303 Chromotropic Acid 0.1M 162.61K
CC0305 Chromium potassium sulfate 174.12K
CC0309 Citric acid 0.5M 171.81K
CC0313 Chromatography Solvent 201.03K
CC0314 Chlorophenol red 168.20K
CC0315 Chlorophenol red 0.4% 167.40K
CC0318 Chloroplatinic Acid 0.2% 193.20K
CC0319 Chromatography solvent 189.79K
CC0320 Chromatography solvent 183.22K
CC0321 Chromatography Solvent 183.60K
CC0322 Chromatography dye mixture 173.67K
CC0323 Citronellol 151.65K
CC0326 Citric acid 0.1M 151.91K
CC0327 Chromium sulfate 155.81K
CC0328 Chromatography solvent 167.67K
CC0330 Chlorophyllin 148.65K
CC0331 Citric acid 0.02M 171.83K
CC0332 Chromatography Solvent 208.45K
CC0333 Chromatography Solvent 182.63K
CC0335 Citric Acid Monohydrate 172.65K
CC0337 Citric Acid Anhydrous 171.64K
CC0338 Citric acid 0.2M 171.87K
CC0340 Clove Oil 169.24K
CC0343 Citrus industrial cleaner 187.19K
CC0344 Citric acid 25% aqueous 171.83K
CC0345 Cobalt metal 187.07K
CC0347 Citric acid 1M 171.80K
CC0349 Cobalt Chloride Hexahydrate 213.04K
CC0351 Cobalt Chloride 0.1M (2.375%) 210.52K
CC0352 Cobalt chloride 1M (23.75%) 210.47K
CC0353 Cobalt chloride 0.2M (4.75%) 210.50K
CC0354 Cobalt chloride 0.3M (7.14%) 210.39K
CC0356 Cobalt chloride 1.5M (35.62%) 210.56K
CC0357 Cobalt nitrate 0.5M (14.55%) 196.22K
CC0358 Cobalt Nitrate 1M (29.1%) 195.97K
CC0359 Cobalt Nitrate 0.1M (1.83%) 188.12K
CC0360 Cobalt Nitrate Hexahydrate 199.18K
CC0361 Cobalt oxide 180.44K
CC0363 Cobalt Nitrate (II) 0.2M 188.19K
CC0364 Citric acid saturated 172.77K
CC0365 Cobalt sulfate heptahydrate 206.92K
CC0370 Cobalt thiocyanate 2% aqueous 173.44K
CC0375 Coconut oil 169.72K
CC0380 Colchicine 215.75K
CC0383 Coliform Test Broth 167.98K
CC0384 Cinnamic Acid 172.55K
CC0395 Congo Red 185.03K
CC0405 Congo Red 0.1% 186.25K
CC0409 Congo red 0.5% 186.21K
CC0410 Congo Red 1% 186.22K
CC0411 Coomasie Brilliant Blue 168.42K
CC0412 Coolant ACF-101 Concentrate 174.77K
CC0413 Copper Powder (150 Mesh) 163.44K
CC0414 Copper Foil (.002) 163.10K
CC0415 Copper powder (325 mesh) 162.44K
CC0416 Copper Foil 163.09K
CC0417 Copper Powder (50 Mesh) 162.45K
CC0418 Copper sheet 163.08K
CC0419 Copper Sheet 163.10K
CC0420 Copper Shot 162.00K
CC0421 Copper screen (40 mesh) 162.97K
CC0422 Copper Granular (20 Mesh) 162.46K
CC0425 Copper Turnings 163.12K
CC0430 Copper Sulfate 20% Aq 195.71K
CC0431 Copper sulfate 25% aq 195.63K
CC0434 Copper sulfate 0.75M aq 195.63K
CC0435 Copper sulfate 2% aq 195.34K
CC0436 Cork dust 167.55K
CC0439 Cresyl Violet Acetate 0.2% 166.38K
CC0440 Corn Oil 166.09K
CC0442 Cornmeal 167.38K
CC0445 Cottonseed oil 167.01K
CC0446 Coumarin 314 Alcohol Solution 200.31K
CC0447 Cresol red sodium salt 181.73K
CC0448 Cresol red 181.73K
CC0449 Cresol red 0.02% 166.50K
CC0450 Crystal Violet 198.01K
CC0452 Crystal Violet 0.01% 169.27K
CC0453 Crystal Violet 0.5% 180.88K
CC0454 Crystal Violet 1% with Amm Oxalate 181.48K
CC0455 Crystal Violet 1.0% 180.92K
CC0456 Crystal Violet 0.1% 169.27K
CC0458 Crystal Violet – Huckers 191.85K
CC0460 Crystal Violet 1% in Alcohol 201.97K
CC0461 Crystal violet 2% alc 203.62K
CC0471 Simulated contact lens solution 185.76K
CC0473 Copper(II) Acetate 3% 170.91K
CC0475 Copper(II) Acetate Monohydrate 172.97K
CC0486 Copper bromide 180.64K
CC0490 Copper Carbonate Basic 174.49K
CC0500 Copper Chloride Dihydrate 178.02K
CC0504 Copper chloride 0.01M 175.13K
CC0506 Copper chloride 0.1M 176.81K
CC0507 Copper chloride 1M 183.55K
CC0509 Copper Chloride 0.5M 176.79K
CC0510 Copper Chloride Anhydrous 184.72K
CC0511 Copper chloride 2M 185.10K
CC0513 Copper Gluconate 163.29K
CC0514 Copper nitrate 0.2M (4.832%) 175.51K
CC0515 Copper Nitrate Trihydrate 182.58K
CC0517 Copper Nitrate 1M (24.16%) 175.44K
CC0518 Copper nitrate 0.5M (12.08%) 175.51K
CC0519 Copper Nitrate 0.1M (2.416%) 175.52K
CC0520 Copper nitrate 0.4M (9.66%) 175.52K
CC0521 Copper Nitrate 40% 175.46K
CC0522 Copper Gluconate 166.52K
CC0525 Cupric Oxide Black 167.45K
CC0529 Copper Sulfate Squares 197.39K
CC0531 Copper Sulfate Anhydrous 196.79K
CC0535 Copper Sulfate Pentahydrate 196.54K
CC0541 Copper sulfate 0.001M aq (0.25%) 193.56K
CC0545 Copper Sulfate Pentahydrate 196.55K
CC0546 Copper sulfate 0.05% Solution 193.42K
CC0547 Copper sulfate 10% 195.24K
CC0548 Copper sulfate 0.00005% aq 192.77K
CC0549 Copper sulfate 0.4M (9.96%) 195.43K
CC0550 Copper Sulfate Pentahydrate 196.54K
CC0551 Copper Sulfate 0.1M (2.5%) 193.27K
CC0552 Copper Sulfate 1M Aq (24.97%) 195.70K
CC0553 Copper Sulfate 0.5M Aq 195.62K
CC0554 Copper sulfate 0.2M 195.50K
CC0555 Copper Sulfide 167.11K
CC0556 Copper Sulfate 1% Aq 193.16K
CC0557 Copper sulfate solution aq 195.72K
CC0559 Copper sulfate 2M aq (49.94%) 195.69K
CC0560 Copper(I) Chloride Anhydrous 175.76K
CC0564 Simulated Crude Oil 202.22K
CC0565 Copper Sulfate in Sulfuric Acid 0.75M 188.99K
CC0570 Cyclohexene 188.38K
CC0575 Cyclohexanol 176.06K
CC0580 Cyclohexane 188.36K
CC0585 Cysteine 166.86K
CC0590 Cystine 165.36K
CC0801 Conductivity Calibration 447.1µS 163.44K
CC0802 Conductivity Calibration 1413µS 163.47K
CC0803 Conductivity calibration 2764µS 163.48K
CC0804 Conductivity calibration 12880µS 163.48K
CC0806 Calcium acetate 0.1M (1.582%) 171.73K
CC0811 4 ppm Calcium Phosphate 164.59K
CC0812 1 ppm Calcium Phosphate 164.17K
CC0813 3 ppm Calcium Phosphate 145.54K
CC0814 0.5 ppm Calcium Phosphate 167.80K
CC1000 Cholesteryl Oleyl Carbonate 167.40K
CC1001 Cholesteryl Pelargonate 167.29K
CC1002 Cholesteryl benzoate 166.91K
CC2050 Chloroform-Isoamyl Alcohol 168.45K

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