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BB0000 Baking Powder 181.23K
BB0001 Balsam Canada 184.15K
BB0003 Barium metal rods 186.51K
BB0005 Balsam canada in xylene 338.84K
BB0015 Balsam canada in xylene 338.92K
BB0020 Balsam Canada Synthetic in Xylene 194.95K
BB0025 Barfoed Reagent 183.49K
BB0028 Barium carbonate 183.28K
BB0030 Barium Chloride Dihydrate 192.66K
BB0032 Barium chloride dihydrate 192.45K
BB0035 Barium chloride 0.15M (3.66%) 183.18K
BB0036 Barium Chloride Anhydrous 191.82K
BB0037 Barium chloride 0.2M (4.88%) 183.71K
BB0038 Barium chloride 5% 183.13K
BB0039 Barium Chloride 1M (24.4%) 183.77K
BB0040 Barium chloride 0.05M (1.22%) 183.55K
BB0041 Barium Chloride 0.1M (2.44%) 183.72K
BB0042 Barium chloride 0.25M (6.1%) 183.85K
BB0043 Barium hydroxide 0.1M (3.15%) 180.91K
BB0045 Barium Hydroxide RG or ACS 194.23K
BB0046 Barium chloride 0.5M (12.2%) 183.59K
BB0047 Barium hydroxide 0.05M (0.86%) 180.71K
BB0048 Barium Hydroxide Saturated 180.73K
BB0050 Barium Hydroxide 194.20K
BB0055 Barium Nitrate 188.87K
BB0059 Barium Nitrate 0.2M 180.88K
BB0060 Bio-Soft D-62LT 186.50K
BB0061 Barium nitrate 0.1M 181.09K
BB0065 Barium Sulfate 180.75K
BB0075 Beef Extract 179.34K
BB0076 Beef Extract 200.41K
BB0077 Beef tallow 179.41K
BB0079 Beeswax white 180.70K
BB0080 Beeswax yellow 179.87K
BB0085 Benedicts powder qualitative 189.50K
BB0090 Benedicts Solution 191.33K
BB0095 Benedicts Quantitative Solution 186.24K
BB0096 Blood Type A Simulated 185.51K
BB0097 Blood Type B Simulated 189.73K
BB0099 Blood Type O Simulated 180.89K
BB0102 Blue indicator 208.90K
BB0104 Blood simulated 328.38K
BB0105 Benzoic Acid 187.15K
BB0107 Benzoic Acid with Acetanilide (1-1) 185.93K
BB0108 Benzophenone 301.06K
BB0109 Benzoic Acid with Acetanilide (2-1) 185.53K
BB0110 Benzonitrile 172.51K
BB0113 Benzyl alcohol 184.12K
BB0114 Benzoic Acid with Acetanilide (3-1) 185.79K
BB0115 Bials Reagent 287.73K
BB0117 Bio-plastic polylite resin 326.11K
BB0120 Bile Salts 180.42K
BB0121 Mold & Mildew preventer 184.52K
BB0125 Bismarck brown Y 179.80K
BB0126 Bismarck Brown Y 1% 179.90K
BB0127 Bismarck Brown Y, 1% Alc 208.65K
BB0128 Bismarck brown Y 0.5% 179.87K
BB0130 Bismuth Metal 180.05K
BB0135 Biochem cleaner 222.34K
BB0136 Vinyl and Leather Cleaner 215.81K
BB0142 Bismuth Nitrate 0.1M Solution 192.20K
BB0143 Bismuth Nitrate 190.96K
BB0145 Biuret Powder 184.20K
BB0150 Biuret Reagent 194.26K
BB0151 Boric acid 2% 194.90K
BB0155 Boric Acid 194.03K
BB0156 Boric Acid 10% in Methanol Solution 379.28K
BB0157 Bovine Hemaglobin 170.58K
BB0161 Boreal Quieting Solution 281.01K
BB0162 Borealene Conc Wardfix 232.53K
BB0163 Brass shavings 177.47K
BB0164 Brass foil 177.36K
BB0166 Brilliant Cresyl Blue 183.88K
BB0168 Brilliant Cresyl Blue 1% Aq 179.88K
BB0171 Brilliant Cresyl Blue, 1% Alc 208.43K
BB0175 Bromine water 220.11K
BB0180 Brick Chips 330.86K
BB0183 Bromobenzene 186.92K
BB0185 Bromocresol Green Sodium Salt 194.82K
BB0189 Bromocresol green 0.04% alcohol 188.82K
BB0190 Bromocresol Green 0.04% 179.37K
BB0192 Bromocresol green 0.1% alc 376.90K
BB0195 Bromocresol Purple Sodium Salt 180.22K
BB0199 Bromocresol Purple 0.04% Alcohol 189.20K
BB0200 Bromocresol Purple 0.04% 179.81K
BB0202 Bromocresol yellow 185.77K
BB0203 Bromoform 388.86K
BB0205 Bromophenol Blue Sodium Salt 179.64K
BB0208 Bromophenol blue 1% 179.85K
BB0210 Bromophenol Blue 0.04% 178.99K
BB0214 Bromothymol Blue Alcohol Soluble 180.01K
BB0215 Bromothymol Blue Sodium Salt 179.08K
BB0218 Bromothymol Blue 0.04% 181.41K
BB0219 Bromothymol Blue Concentrate 193.41K
BB0220 Bromothymol Blue 0.04% 178.99K
BB0221 Bromothymol Blue 0.5% 179.44K
BB0222 Bromothymol Blue 0.01% 179.42K
BB0223 Bromothymol blue 1% 178.92K
BB0224 Bromothymol blue 0.004% 179.42K
BB0225 Bromothymol Blue 0.1% 179.45K
BB0226 Bromothymol yellow 0.02% 181.03K
BB0227 Bromothymol blue reagent 415.79K
BB0228 Bubble soap concentrated 213.01K
BB0230 Nutrient Broth Powder 191.38K
BB0233 Nutrient Broth 0% NaCl 180.70K
BB0234 Nutrient Broth 5% NaCl 181.44K
BB0235 Butanol-n 195.99K
BB0236 Nutrient Broth 10% NaCl 181.52K
BB0237 Nutrient Broth 15% NaCl 181.53K
BB0238 Nutrient Broth PH3 183.10K
BB0239 Nutrient Broth PH7 183.20K
BB0240 Nutrient Broth PH9 183.31K
BB0245 Butanol-sec 189.65K
BB0250 Butanol-tert 188.36K
BB0252 Butyl Stearate 183.46K
BB0255 Butyric Acid 180.26K
BB0275 Bluing solution 181.45K
BB0300 Simulated Blood type A+ 184.35K
BB0301 Simulated Blood Type B- 185.47K
BB0302 Simulated blood type AB 184.72K
BB0303 Simulated blood type O- 179.45K
BB0304 Anti-A Serum 184.40K
BB0305 Anti-B serum 176.03K
BB0306 Anti-rH serum 183.33K
BB0401 Buffer pH 1 173.03K
BB0402 Buffer pH 2 174.00K
BB0403 Buffer pH 3 173.93K
BB0404 Buffer pH 4 Clear 173.26K
BB0404 Buffer pH 4 Red 176.27K
BB0405 Buffer pH 5 172.97K
BB0406 Buffer pH 6 172.98K
BB0407 Buffer pH 7 Clear 173.37K
BB0407 Buffer pH 7 Yellow 176.61K
BB0408 Buffer pH 8 173.41K
BB0409 Buffer pH 9 173.78K
BB0410 Buffer pH 10 Blue 175.57K
BB0410 Buffer pH 10 Clear 173.66K
BB0411 Buffer pH 11 178.22K
BB0412 Buffer pH 12 172.74K
BB0413 Buffer pH 13 175.24K
BB0415 Buffer pH 10 175.36K
BB0507 Buffer pH 7 concentrate 174.18K
BB06045 Buffer pH 4.5 181.43K
BB06075 Buffer pH 7.5 181.46K
BB06076 Buffer pH 6.5 174.36K
BB0615 Leachate (Control Solution) 176.93K
BB0616 Leachate (Conventional Farming) 177.45K
BB0617 Leachate (Organic Farming) 177.53K
BUFFER SAMPLE Buffer pH 6.5 clear 174.62K

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