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AA0002 Acetic Acid 4.5M (25.6%) 198.13K
AA0003 Acetic Acid 6M (34.8%) 200.45K
AA0004 Acetic Acid 3M (18.01%) indd 188.66K
AA0005 Acetic Acid Glacial 201.96K
AA0006 Acetic Acid 10M (57.8%) indd 198.50K
AA0007 Acetic acid 10% 185.95K
AA0008 Acetic Acid 36% 194.81K
AA0009 Acetic Acid 5% 184.20K
AA0010 Acetic Acid 1M (5.9%) 184.24K
AA0011 Acetic Acid 1% 184.12K
AA0012 Acetate Buffer Solution (5.7%) 184.55K
AA0013 Acetic Acid 0.5M (3%) 184.16K
AA0015 Acetic Acid 0.1M (0.59%) 184.16K
AA0016 Acetamide 287.98K
AA0017 Acetic Acid 0.873M (5.02%) 184.22K
AA0018 Acetanilide 182.90K
AA0019 Acetic Anhydride 201.07K
AA0020 Aceto-Carmine 2% 195.39K
AA0021 Aceto-Carmine 1% 195.38K
AA0023 Acetaminophen 185.14K
AA0024 Acetic Acid 2M (11.56%) 186.12K
AA0025 Acetone 188.01K
AA0026 Acetic Acid 0.1% indd 184.19K
AA0027 Acetone-Ethanol (50-50%) 415.04K
AA0029 Acetic Acid 0.01M (0.057%) indd 183.69K
AA0030 Aceto-Orcein 2% 194.93K
AA0031 Acid Alcohol 1% 415.45K
AA0032 Acetone-Naphthalene 430.34K
AA0033 Acetaldehyde 369.65K
AA0035 Acetylcholine Bromide 0.01% 179.36K
AA0038 Acetylsalicylic Acid 187.40K
AA0041 Acid Alcohol 414.64K
AA0042-KIT Amino Acid Kit Set of 22 184.03K
AA0043 Acidic Saline Solution 183.78K
AA0044 Acid Destain 3% 321.84K
AA0047-KIT Amino Acid Kit Set of 20 183.34K
AA0049-KIT Amino Acid Set of 3 179.47K
AA0050 Adenosine Triphosphate 174.19K
AA0051 Adhesive Remover 194.92K
AA0054 Adhesive Remover #2 189.84K
AA0055 Adipic Acid 185.08K
AA0056 Adipoyl Chloride 190.73K
AA0057 Adipoyl Chloride-Hexane 474.07K
AA0059 Adrenaline 194.76K
AA0060 Adrenaline 0.1% (1-1000) indd 183.59K
AA0061 Adrenaline 0.02M (0.336%) indd 183.17K
AA0062 Adrenaline 0.000M (1-1000000) indd 183.75K
AA0065 Adrenaline 0.01% (1-10000) 183.60K
AA0067 Adrenaline 0.001% (1-100000) 183.54K
AA0068 Adrenaline 0.00001% (1-10000000) 183.58K
AA0075 Agar 182.16K
AA0076 Agar Nutrient 181.46K
AA0079 Agarose 1% 181.58K
AA0080 Alanine Control 175.21K
AA0082 Agarose 2% 195.49K
AA0083 Agarose 178.70K
AA0084 Agarose (0.8%) 181.87K
AA0087 B-Alanine 178.65K
AA0089-SET6 Agarose Dye Markers 243.75K
AA0089A Bromophenol Blue 179.13K
AA0089B Xylene Cyanol 180.06K
AA0089C Orange G 178.54K
AA0089D Crystal Violet 241.79K
AA0089G Malachite Green 178.82K
AA0089H Agarose Dye Mixture 179.79K
AA0089I Agarose Dye Mixture #1 187.56K
AA0089J Agarose Dye Mixture #2 242.75K
AA0090 DL-Alanine 178.34K
AA0095 Albumin 171.92K
AA0096 Albumin 1% 180.16K
AA0098 Alginic Acid 2% 179.01K
AA0099 Alginic Acid 180.40K
AA0100 Alizarin Red S 178.55K
AA0101 Alizarin Red S 0.1% 178.27K
AA0103 Alizarin Red S 1% 179.18K
AA0104 Alginic Acid 2% with Green 196.94K
AA0105 Alizarin Yellow R 179.91K
AA0110 Algae Waterline Stain Remover 188.79K
AA0115 Alizarin Yellow R 0.1% 179.92K
AA0119 Alkaline Iodide Reagent 195.69K
AA0127 Alum Carmine Solution – Grenacher 183.66K
AA0128 Alum Cochineal Solution 187.95K
AA0131 Aluminon 183.88K
AA0135 Aluminum Granular 173.19K
AA0140 Aluminum Metal Powder 188.00K
AA0141 Aluminum Powder 188.00K
AA0144 Aluminum Sheet 173.91K
AA0145 Aluminum Shot 173.18K
AA0146 Aluminum Strips 174.12K
AA0147 Aluminum Sheet 173.92K
AA0154 Aluminum Ammonium Sulfate 25% 183.22K
AA0155 Alum Amm Sulfate Dodecahydrate 184.24K
AA0165 Aluminum Chloride Hexahydrate 193.06K
AA0166 Aluminum Chloride Anhydrous 191.92K
AA0167 Aluminum Chloride 2M (48.27%) 193.49K
AA0168 Aluminum Chloride 0.1M (2.41%) 185.27K
AA0175 Aluminum Chloride 0.2M (4.82%) 185.26K
AA0180 Aluminum Hydroxide 179.54K
AA0181 Aluminum Nitrate 0.05M (1.88%) 183.90K
AA0182 Aluminum Nitrate 1M (37.5%) 184.46K
AA0183 Aluminum Nitrate 0.1M (3.75%) 232.32K
AA0184 Aluminum Nitrate Nonahydrate 191.74K
AA0185 Aluminum Nitrate 2M (75.03%) 184.14K
AA0186 Aluminum Oxide 178.90K
AA0187 Aluminum Nitrate 0.2M (4.26%) 183.99K
AA0189 Aluminum Oxide, Plastic Polish 203.63K
AA0195 Aluminum Potassium Sulfate 182.00K
AA0200 Aluminum Sulfate x-Hydrate 190.52K
AA0201 Aluminum Sulfate 18-Hydrate 190.12K
AA0202 Aluminum Sulfate 0.5M (17.1%) 191.23K
AA0203 Aluminum Sulfate 14% 184.19K
AA0204 Aluminum Sulfate 1M (34.2%) 191.19K
AA0206 Aluminum Sulfate 0.1M (3.42%) 183.28K
AA0207 Amino Acid Mixture 175.58K
AA0208 Ammonia Buffer 195.58K
AA0210 Ammonia – Household 189.68K
AA0211 Ammonia Solution 3% 188.64K
AA0212 Ammonia Test Solution #1 181.52K
AA0213 Ammonia Test Solution #2 184.30K
AA0214 Ammonia Test Solution #3 183.09K
AA0215 Ammonium Acetate 181.29K
AA0216 Ammonium Acetate Buffer 198.59K
AA0217 Ammonium Acetate 10M (77.09%) 179.86K
AA0218 Ammonium Acetate 0.1M (0.77%) 179.51K
AA0219 Ammonium Acetate 1M (7.7%) 180.57K
AA0220 Ammonium Bromide 182.67K
AA0221 Ammonium Bicarbonate 181.64K
AA0224 Ammonium Carbonate Lumps 185.58K
AA0230 Ammonium Carbonate 184.83K
AA0231 Ammonium Carbonate 0.1M (0.9%) 179.66K
AA0232 Ammonium Carbonate 1M (9%) 179.77K
AA0233 Ammonium Carbonate 0.5M (4.5%) 180.36K
AA0235 Ammonium Chloride 184.28K
AA0239 Ammonium Chloride 5M (26.74%) 182.69K
AA0241 Ammonium Chloride 1M (5.35%) 182.23K
AA0242 Ammonium Chloride 2M (10.7%) 182.05K
AA0243 Ammonium Chloride 0.1M 182.13K
AA0244 Ammonium Chloride 0.2M 183.77K
AA0244 Ammonium Chloride 0.2M (1.07%) 182.08K
AA0255 Ammonium Dichromate 499.61K
AA0262 Ammonium Hydroxide 0.5M (0.8%) 185.75K
AA0263 Ammonium Hydroxide 5M (10%) 195.74K
AA0264 Ammonium Hydroxide 28-30% 202.28K
AA0265 Ammonium Hydroxide 28-30% 196.80K
AA0266 Ammonium Hydroxide 20% 196.21K
AA0267 Ammonium Hydroxide 1% 188.84K
AA0268 Ammonium Hydroxide 12M (22-25%) 196.02K
AA0271 Ammonium Hydroxide 0.75M (1.28%) 188.90K
AA0272 Ammonium Hydroxide 1.5M (2.55%) 188.00K
AA0273 Ammonium Hydroxide 6M (12%) 195.18K
AA0274 Ammonium Hydroxide 3M (5%) 189.33K
AA0275 Ammonium Hydroxide 1M (1.6%) 189.08K
AA0276 Ammonium Hydroxide 2M (3.2%) 189.07K
AA0277 Ammonium Hydroxide 0.2M (1.11%) 188.91K
AA0278 Ammonium Hydroxide 8M (12.8%) 195.77K
AA0280 Ammonium Hydroxide 0.1M (0.16%) 186.04K
AA0284 Ammonium Molybdate 0.5M 184.12K
AA0285 Ammonium Molybdate 183.46K
AA0286 Ammonium Molybdate 0.1M 183.89K
AA0287 Ammonium molybdate 2.5% 180.40K
AA0294 Ammonium nitrate 1.5M (12%) 186.23K
AA0295 Ammonium Nitrate 191.96K
AA0296 Ammonium nitrate 0.01M (0.08%) 181.67K
AA0297 Ammonium oxalate 0.4M 182.90K
AA0300 Ammonium Nitrate 191.95K
AA0301 Ammonium nitrate 0.5M (4%) 182.83K
AA0302 Ammonium nitrate 1M (8%) 185.76K
AA0303 Ammonium nitrate 0.1M (0.8%) 181.76K
AA0304 Ammonium Oxalate 0.25M (3.55%) 182.66K
AA0305 Ammonium Oxalate 195.34K
AA0307 Ammonium Persulfate 216.22K
AA0310 Ammonium phosphate monobasic 180.30K
AA0311 Ammonium Phosphate Monobasic Solution 181.58K
AA0313 Ammonium phosphate dibasic 185.70K
AA0325 Ammonium Sulfate 180.57K
AA0326 Ammonium Sulfate 0.1M 182.76K
AA0327 Ammonium Sulfate 1M 182.79K
AA0340 Ammonium Thiocyanate 184.35K
AA0341 Ammonium thiocyanate 0.5M (3.806%) 180.98K
AA0343 Ammonium thiocyanate 4% 181.28K
AA0344 Amyl propionate 184.50K
AA0349 Amyl Alcohol 187.38K
AA0351 Ammonium vanadate 0.1M (1.17%) 195.93K
AA0352 Amylase Solution 204.00K
AA0353 Ammonium Metavanadate 206.23K
AA0354 Ammonium vanadate 2% 195.87K
AA0355 Amyl Acetate 186.78K
AA0356 Ampicillin Sodium Salt 194.25K
AA0357 Anesthefly Solution 418.08K
AA0358 Amylase (Calcium Carbonate) 182.89K
AA0360 Aniline Blue Water Soluble 196.99K
AA0361 Aniline blue 1% 180.82K
AA0370 Antimony powder 194.16K
AA0372 Amylase (maltose) 182.78K
AA0375 Antimony Lump 193.53K
AA0376 Antimony Chloride 195.87K
AA0380 Antimony potassium tartrate 194.87K
AA0400 Antacid Effervescent 243.46K
AA0420 Arginine 178.30K
AA0425 Ascorbic Acid 180.08K
AA0426 Ascorbic Acid 1% 177.88K
AA0428 Ascorbic acid (Vitamin C tablet) 178.79K
AA0430 Asparagine 178.46K
AA0435 Aspartic acid 178.09K
AA0440 Aspirin Solution 0.004M 242.50K
AA0450 Anti-Static glass cleaner 190.37K
AA0494 Anti-Serum Anti-A 180.95K
AA0495 Anti-Serum Anti-B 192.88K
AA0496 Anti-Serum Anti-RH 188.82K
AA0500 DNA Blue Stain 181.34K
AA0501 Azure B stain 180.75K
AA0506 Aluminum Chloride 1M (24.14%) 193.32K
AA0601-AA0602 Human Antiserums 191.08K
AA0601-AA0602-AA0603 Human Antiserums 191.17K
AA0603 Human Antiserums 191.08K
BB0000 Baking Powder 181.23K
BB0001 Balsam Canada 184.15K
BB0003 Barium metal rods 186.51K
BB0005 Balsam canada in xylene 338.84K
BB0015 Balsam canada in xylene 338.92K
BB0020 Balsam Canada Synthetic in Xylene 194.95K
BB0025 Barfoed Reagent 183.49K
BB0028 Barium carbonate 183.28K
BB0030 Barium Chloride Dihydrate 192.66K
BB0032 Barium chloride dihydrate 192.45K
BB0035 Barium chloride 0.15M (3.66%) 183.18K
BB0036 Barium Chloride Anhydrous 191.82K
BB0037 Barium chloride 0.2M (4.88%) 183.71K
BB0038 Barium chloride 5% 183.13K
BB0039 Barium Chloride 1M (24.4%) 183.77K
BB0040 Barium chloride 0.05M (1.22%) 183.55K
BB0041 Barium Chloride 0.1M (2.44%) 183.72K
BB0042 Barium chloride 0.25M (6.1%) 183.85K
BB0043 Barium hydroxide 0.1M (3.15%) 180.91K
BB0045 Barium Hydroxide RG or ACS 194.23K
BB0046 Barium chloride 0.5M (12.2%) 183.59K
BB0047 Barium hydroxide 0.05M (0.86%) 180.71K
BB0048 Barium Hydroxide Saturated 180.73K
BB0050 Barium Hydroxide 194.20K
BB0055 Barium Nitrate 188.87K
BB0059 Barium Nitrate 0.2M 180.88K
BB0060 Bio-Soft D-62LT 186.50K
BB0061 Barium nitrate 0.1M 181.09K
BB0065 Barium Sulfate 180.75K
BB0075 Beef Extract 179.34K
BB0076 Beef Extract 200.41K
BB0077 Beef tallow 179.41K
BB0079 Beeswax white 180.70K
BB0080 Beeswax yellow 179.87K
BB0085 Benedicts powder qualitative 189.50K
BB0090 Benedicts Solution 191.33K
BB0095 Benedicts Quantitative Solution 186.24K
BB0096 Blood Type A Simulated 185.51K
BB0097 Blood Type B Simulated 189.73K
BB0099 Blood Type O Simulated 180.89K
BB0102 Blue indicator 208.90K
BB0104 Blood simulated 328.38K
BB0105 Benzoic Acid 187.15K
BB0107 Benzoic Acid with Acetanilide (1-1) 185.93K
BB0108 Benzophenone 301.06K
BB0109 Benzoic Acid with Acetanilide (2-1) 185.53K
BB0110 Benzonitrile 172.51K
BB0113 Benzyl alcohol 184.12K
BB0114 Benzoic Acid with Acetanilide (3-1) 185.79K
BB0115 Bials Reagent 287.73K
BB0117 Bio-plastic polylite resin 326.11K
BB0120 Bile Salts 180.42K
BB0121 Mold & Mildew preventer 184.52K
BB0125 Bismarck brown Y 179.80K
BB0126 Bismarck Brown Y 1% 179.90K
BB0127 Bismarck Brown Y, 1% Alc 208.65K
BB0128 Bismarck brown Y 0.5% 179.87K
BB0130 Bismuth Metal 180.05K
BB0135 Biochem cleaner 222.34K
BB0136 Vinyl and Leather Cleaner 215.81K
BB0142 Bismuth Nitrate 0.1M Solution 192.20K
BB0143 Bismuth Nitrate 190.96K
BB0145 Biuret Powder 184.20K
BB0150 Biuret Reagent 194.26K
BB0151 Boric acid 2% 194.90K
BB0155 Boric Acid 194.03K
BB0156 Boric Acid 10% in Methanol Solution 379.28K
BB0157 Bovine Hemaglobin 170.58K
BB0161 Boreal Quieting Solution 281.01K
BB0162 Borealene Conc Wardfix 232.53K
BB0163 Brass shavings 177.47K
BB0164 Brass foil 177.36K
BB0166 Brilliant Cresyl Blue 183.88K
BB0168 Brilliant Cresyl Blue 1% Aq 179.88K
BB0171 Brilliant Cresyl Blue, 1% Alc 208.43K
BB0175 Bromine water 220.11K
BB0180 Brick Chips 330.86K
BB0183 Bromobenzene 186.92K
BB0185 Bromocresol Green Sodium Salt 194.82K
BB0189 Bromocresol green 0.04% alcohol 188.82K
BB0190 Bromocresol Green 0.04% 179.37K
BB0192 Bromocresol green 0.1% alc 376.90K
BB0195 Bromocresol Purple Sodium Salt 180.22K
BB0199 Bromocresol Purple 0.04% Alcohol 189.20K
BB0200 Bromocresol Purple 0.04% 179.81K
BB0202 Bromocresol yellow 185.77K
BB0203 Bromoform 388.86K
BB0205 Bromophenol Blue Sodium Salt 179.64K
BB0208 Bromophenol blue 1% 179.85K
BB0210 Bromophenol Blue 0.04% 178.99K
BB0214 Bromothymol Blue Alcohol Soluble 180.01K
BB0215 Bromothymol Blue Sodium Salt 179.08K
BB0218 Bromothymol Blue 0.04% 181.41K
BB0219 Bromothymol Blue Concentrate 193.41K
BB0220 Bromothymol Blue 0.04% 178.99K
BB0221 Bromothymol Blue 0.5% 179.44K
BB0222 Bromothymol Blue 0.01% 179.42K
BB0223 Bromothymol blue 1% 178.92K
BB0224 Bromothymol blue 0.004% 179.42K
BB0225 Bromothymol Blue 0.1% 179.45K
BB0226 Bromothymol yellow 0.02% 181.03K
BB0227 Bromothymol blue reagent 415.79K
BB0228 Bubble soap concentrated 213.01K
BB0230 Nutrient Broth Powder 191.38K
BB0233 Nutrient Broth 0% NaCl 180.70K
BB0234 Nutrient Broth 5% NaCl 181.44K
BB0235 Butanol-n 195.99K
BB0236 Nutrient Broth 10% NaCl 181.52K
BB0237 Nutrient Broth 15% NaCl 181.53K
BB0238 Nutrient Broth PH3 183.10K
BB0239 Nutrient Broth PH7 183.20K
BB0240 Nutrient Broth PH9 183.31K
BB0245 Butanol-sec 189.65K
BB0250 Butanol-tert 188.36K
BB0252 Butyl Stearate 183.46K
BB0255 Butyric Acid 180.26K
BB0275 Bluing solution 181.45K
BB0300 Simulated Blood type A+ 184.35K
BB0301 Simulated Blood Type B- 185.47K
BB0302 Simulated blood type AB 184.72K
BB0303 Simulated blood type O- 179.45K
BB0304 Anti-A Serum 184.40K
BB0305 Anti-B serum 176.03K
BB0306 Anti-rH serum 183.33K
BB0401 Buffer pH 1 173.03K
BB0402 Buffer pH 2 174.00K
BB0403 Buffer pH 3 173.93K
BB0404 Buffer pH 4 Clear 173.26K
BB0404 Buffer pH 4 Red 176.27K
BB0405 Buffer pH 5 172.97K
BB0406 Buffer pH 6 172.98K
BB0407 Buffer pH 7 Clear 173.37K
BB0407 Buffer pH 7 Yellow 176.61K
BB0408 Buffer pH 8 173.41K
BB0409 Buffer pH 9 173.78K
BB0410 Buffer pH 10 Blue 175.57K
BB0410 Buffer pH 10 Clear 173.66K
BB0411 Buffer pH 11 178.22K
BB0412 Buffer pH 12 172.74K
BB0413 Buffer pH 13 175.24K
BB0415 Buffer pH 10 175.36K
BB0507 Buffer pH 7 concentrate 174.18K
BB06045 Buffer pH 4.5 181.43K
BB06075 Buffer pH 7.5 181.46K
BB06076 Buffer pH 6.5 174.36K
BB0615 Leachate (Control Solution) 176.93K
BB0616 Leachate (Conventional Farming) 177.45K
BB0617 Leachate (Organic Farming) 177.53K
BUFFER SAMPLE Buffer pH 6.5 clear 174.62K
CC0007 Calcium Carbonate Tablet 178.18K
CC0008 Cabbage Solution, Red 182.21K
CC0009 Cabbage, red extract 178.83K
CC0011 Cadmium Metal Powder 220.78K
CC0013 Cadmium metal 220.75K
CC0014 Cadmium Metal Mossy 220.32K
CC0016 Cadmium metal sticks 220.41K
CC0017 Cadmium Chloride 0.01M 200.80K
CC0018 Cadmium chloride anhydrous 222.42K
CC0019 Cadmium Chloride Hemipentahydrate 222.76K
CC0020 Cadmium nitrate tetrahydrate 225.40K
CC0023 Cadmium Nitrate 0.1M 221.70K
CC0025 Caffeine 183.99K
CC0026 Caffeine 0.1% 180.92K
CC0027 Caffeine 0.015M (0.29%) 179.84K
CC0028 Calcite 170.00K
CC0029 Calcium superphosphate 189.00K
CC0030 Calcium Metal 8 Mesh 186.30K
CC0035 Calcium Metal Turnings 186.34K
CC0036 Calcium metal 6 mesh 186.28K
CC0038 Calcium Acetate 183.48K
CC0040 Calcium acetate saturated solution 182.79K
CC0045 Calcium Carbide 183.61K
CC0055 Calcium Carbonate Powder 313.09K
CC0056 Calcium Chloride with Fluorescein 183.76K
CC0057 Calcium Chloride with Rhodamine B 245.91K
CC0058 Calcium Chloride with Quinine Sulfate 207.29K
CC0060 Calcium Carbonate Marble Chips 313.24K
CC0062 Calcium ammonium nitrate fertilizer 180.06K
CC0064 Calcium Chloride Dihydrate Flake 186.00K
CC0065 Calcium Chloride Dihydrate Powder 183.89K
CC0068 Calcium Chloride 1M w-Phenolphthalein 244.20K
CC0069 Calcium Chloride 1M 183.61K
CC0070 Calcium Chloride 0.1M 183.81K
CC0071 Calcium Chloride 5% Aq 183.57K
CC0072 Calcium chloride 30% aq 183.57K
CC0074 Calcium chloride 4M aq 183.58K
CC0075 Calcium Chloride Anhydrous Pellets 190.21K
CC0076 Calcium Chloride 0.05M Aq Sterile 183.64K
CC0077 Calcium chloride 0.5M aq 183.64K
CC0078 Calcium chloride 0.2M aq 183.60K
CC0080 Calcium Chloride Anhydrous Lumps 184.62K
CC0081 Calcium chloride 0.05M aq 183.62K
CC0082 Calcium chloride 0.9M aq 183.62K
CC0083 Calcium chloride 0.75M aq 183.63K
CC0085 Calcium fluoride 179.93K
CC0090 Calcium Hydroxide 194.03K
CC0095 Calcium Hydroxide LG 194.00K
CC0100 Calcium hydroxide 0.2% 173.80K
CC0101 Calcium hydroxide 0.1M (0.74%) 173.97K
CC0105 Calcium hypochlorite 201.59K
CC0110 Calcium Nitrate Tetrahydrate 196.90K
CC0113 Calcium nitrate 0.5M (11.79%) 183.29K
CC0114 Calcium nitrate 40% 184.76K
CC0115 Calcium Nitrate Tetrahydrate 196.69K
CC0116 Calcium Nitrate 0.1M (2.36%) 183.26K
CC0117 Calcium Nitrate 0.05M (1.18%) 183.19K
CC0118 Calcium nitrate 0.2M (4.72%) 183.68K
CC0119 Calcium Nitrate 1M 183.21K
CC0120 Calcium Oxide 194.31K
CC0130 Calcium Oxide 194.31K
CC0134 Calcium phosphate monohydrate 180.43K
CC0139 Calcium phosphate dihydrate 181.04K
CC0145 Calcium phosphate tribasic 179.96K
CC0147 Calcium sulfate anhydrous 180.72K
CC0150 Calcium Sulfate Dihydrate 181.24K
CC0155 Calcium Sulfate Hemihydrate 332.68K
CC0156 Calcium sulfate dihydrate 181.44K
CC0157 Calcium Sulfate Anhydrous Indicating 210.72K
CC0158 Calcium sulfate anhydrous 181.77K
CC0159 Calmagite 179.03K
CC0160 Camphor 194.07K
CC0163 Carbol Fuchsin 234.05K
CC0165 Carbon Fuchsin (Ziehl-Neelsen) 179.14K
CC0166 Calmagite 0.1% indicator 179.13K
CC0167 Carbol Rose Bengal 423.63K
CC0168 Carbon fuchsin modified 414.34K
CC0169 Carbon Disulfide 369.99K
CC0177 Carbonic acid 180.21K
CC0180 Carborundum coarse 309.83K
CC0184 Carborundum 220 grit 309.84K
CC0185 Carborundum 400 grit 309.86K
CC0186 Carborundum 600 grit 309.82K
CC0190 Carmine Alum Lake 179.09K
CC0194 Carmine alum 0.5% in ethanol 190.77K
CC0195 Carminic acid 179.40K
CC0199 Carnoys solution 198.42K
CC0200 Carnoys solution 209.84K
CC0205 Casein 177.35K
CC0206 Castor oil 176.80K
CC0210 Catalase 178.06K
CC0215 Catalase Solid 177.87K
CC0220 Cedarwood oil 179.70K
CC0222 Catechol 185.86K
CC0227 Cellulase Enzyme 205.67K
CC0228 Cellulase 0.1% 178.59K
CC0229 Cesium chloride 178.96K
CC0230 Cellulose 179.69K
CC0236 Cellulose Acetate Phthalate 158.18K
CC0240 Super Cement Hypo, Super 195.24K
CC0242 Acrylic Glue 187.54K
CC0245 Chlorophyll alfalfa 178.22K
CC0246 Cetyl alcohol 179.33K
CC0248 Carbon Black 287.14K
CC0250 Charcoal Activated Powder 184.36K
CC0251 Charcoal Activated Granules 178.97K
CC0252 Charcoal blowpipe sticks 179.54K
CC0255 Charcoal animal bone 179.80K
CC0256 Carbon Pelletized Activated 181.89K
CC0260 Charcoal Wood Powder 179.01K
CC0265 Charcoal Wood Lump 180.67K
CC0269 Chemiluminescence Solution 182.22K
CC0270 Chlorine Water 303.37K
CC0275 Chloroform 198.12K
CC0281 Chlorophyll extract 378.13K
CC0285 Chromium Metal 180.69K
CC0294 Chromium nitrate 0.1M 186.18K
CC0295 Chromium nitrate 198.94K
CC0296 Chromium chloride hexahydrate 195.21K
CC0300 Chromium oxide 181.49K
CC0303 Chromotropic Acid 0.1M 173.90K
CC0305 Chromium potassium sulfate 181.62K
CC0313 Chromatography Solvent 212.40K
CC0314 Chlorophenol red 179.76K
CC0315 Chlorophenol red 0.4% 178.77K
CC0318 Chloroplatinic Acid 0.2% 204.62K
CC0319 Chromatography solvent 200.70K
CC0320 Chromatography solvent 190.92K
CC0321 Chromatography Solvent 195.23K
CC0322 Chromatography dye mixture 182.83K
CC0323 Citronellol 183.80K
CC0326 Citric acid 0.1M 182.75K
CC0327 Chromium sulfate 241.99K
CC0328 Chromatography solvent 377.71K
CC0330 Chlorophyllin 178.54K
CC0331 Citric acid 0.02M 182.78K
CC0332 Chromatography Solvent 219.92K
CC0333 Chromatography Solvent 190.89K
CC0335 Citric Acid Monohydrate 184.49K
CC0337 Citric Acid Anhydrous 182.50K
CC0338 Citric acid 0.2M 182.79K
CC0340 Clove Oil 179.77K
CC0343 Citrus industrial cleaner 198.65K
CC0344 Citric acid 25% aqueous 182.67K
CC0345 Cobalt metal 290.39K
CC0347 Citric acid 1M 182.68K
CC0349 Cobalt Chloride Hexahydrate 223.32K
CC0351 Cobalt Chloride 0.1M (2.375%) 221.79K
CC0352 Cobalt chloride 1M (23.75%) 221.72K
CC0353 Cobalt chloride 0.2M (4.75%) 221.77K
CC0354 Cobalt chloride 0.3M (7.14%) 221.78K
CC0356 Cobalt chloride 1.5M (35.62%) 221.63K
CC0357 Cobalt nitrate 0.5M (14.55%) 207.56K
CC0358 Cobalt Nitrate 1M (29.1%) 206.83K
CC0359 Cobalt Nitrate 0.1M (1.83%) 199.39K
CC0360 Cobalt Nitrate Hexahydrate 210.79K
CC0361 Cobalt oxide 340.43K
CC0365 Cobalt sulfate heptahydrate 403.17K
CC0370 Cobalt thiocyanate 2% aqueous 185.00K
CC0375 Coconut oil 180.01K
CC0380 Colchicine 356.46K
CC0383 Coliform Test Broth 179.38K
CC0395 Congo Red 289.05K
CC0405 Congo Red 0.1% 289.72K
CC0409 Congo red 0.5% 289.72K
CC0410 Congo Red 1% 289.70K
CC0412 Coolant ACF-101 Concentrate 185.79K
CC0413 Copper Powder (150 Mesh) 174.93K
CC0414 Copper Foil (.002) 174.63K
CC0415 Copper powder (325 mesh) 173.94K
CC0416 Copper Foil 174.66K
CC0417 Copper Powder (50 Mesh) 173.72K
CC0418 Copper sheet 174.39K
CC0419 Copper Sheet 174.41K
CC0420 Copper Shot 173.25K
CC0421 Copper screen (40 mesh) 174.34K
CC0422 Copper Granular (20 Mesh) 173.71K
CC0425 Copper Turnings 174.41K
CC0430 Copper Sulfate 20% Aq 206.58K
CC0431 Copper sulfate 25% aq 206.58K
CC0434 Copper sulfate 0.75M aq 206.63K
CC0435 Copper sulfate 2% aq 206.38K
CC0436 Cork dust 178.02K
CC0439 Cresyl Violet Acetate 0.2% 177.68K
CC0440 Corn Oil 177.57K
CC0442 Cornmeal 178.64K
CC0445 Cottonseed oil 178.37K
CC0446 Coumarin 314 Alcohol Solution 208.35K
CC0447 Cresol red sodium salt 192.85K
CC0448 Cresol red 192.89K
CC0449 Cresol red 0.02% 177.68K
CC0450 Crystal Violet 429.34K
CC0452 Crystal Violet 0.01% 243.23K
CC0453 Crystal Violet 0.5% 347.68K
CC0454 Crystal Violet 1% with Amm Oxalate 347.88K
CC0455 Crystal Violet 1.0% 347.74K
CC0456 Crystal Violet 0.1% 243.18K
CC0458 Crystal Violet – Huckers 370.08K
CC0460 Crystal Violet 1% in Alcohol 368.43K
CC0461 Crystal violet 2% alc 390.95K
CC0473 Copper(II) Acetate 3% 181.97K
CC0475 Copper(II) Acetate Monohydrate 184.35K
CC0486 Copper bromide 191.88K
CC0490 Copper Carbonate Basic 186.00K
CC0500 Copper Chloride Dihydrate 188.02K
CC0504 Copper chloride 0.01M 186.34K
CC0506 Copper chloride 0.1M 187.75K
CC0507 Copper chloride 1M 194.50K
CC0509 Copper Chloride 0.5M 188.10K
CC0510 Copper Chloride Anhydrous 194.49K
CC0511 Copper chloride 2M 194.82K
CC0514 Copper nitrate 0.2M (4.832%) 186.42K
CC0515 Copper Nitrate Trihydrate 192.91K
CC0517 Copper Nitrate 1M (24.16%) 186.34K
CC0518 Copper nitrate 0.5M (12.08%) 186.41K
CC0519 Copper Nitrate 0.1M (2.416%) 186.85K
CC0520 Copper nitrate 0.4M (9.66%) 186.44K
CC0521 Copper Nitrate 40% 186.36K
CC0525 Cupric Oxide Black 179.08K
CC0529 Copper Sulfate Squares 208.45K
CC0531 Copper Sulfate Anhydrous 207.77K
CC0535 Copper Sulfate Pentahydrate 207.42K
CC0541 Copper sulfate 0.001M aq (0.25%) 204.65K
CC0545 Copper Sulfate Pentahydrate 207.45K
CC0546 Copper sulfate 0.05% aq 204.53K
CC0547 Copper sulfate 10% 206.23K
CC0548 Copper sulfate 0.00005% aq 203.54K
CC0549 Copper sulfate 0.4M (9.96%) 206.44K
CC0550 Copper Sulfate Pentahydrate 207.44K
CC0551 Copper Sulfate 0.1M (2.5%) 204.11K
CC0552 Copper Sulfate 1M Aq (24.97%) 206.61K
CC0553 Copper Sulfate 0.5M Aq 206.61K
CC0554 Copper sulfate 0.2M aq (5%) 206.48K
CC0555 Copper Sulfide 178.56K
CC0556 Copper Sulfate 1% Aq 204.23K
CC0557 Copper sulfate solution aq 206.66K
CC0559 Copper sulfate 2M aq (49.94%) 206.60K
CC0560 Copper(I) Chloride Anhydrous 186.22K
CC0564 Simulated Crude Oil 378.10K
CC0565 Copper Sulfate 0.75M in Sulfuric Acid 0.75M Solution 355.92K
CC0565 Copper Sulfate in Sulfuric Acid 0.75M 194.28K
CC0570 Cyclohexene 200.24K
CC0575 Cyclohexanol 193.27K
CC0580 Cyclohexane 199.83K
CC0585 Cysteine 178.09K
CC0590 Cystine 176.74K
CC0806 Calcium acetate 0.1M (1.582%) 182.79K
CC0811 4 ppm Calcium Phosphate 184.18K
CC0812 1 ppm Calcium Phosphate 183.90K
CC0813 3 ppm Calcium Phosphate 183.57K
CC0814 0.5 ppm Calcium Phosphate 184.63K
DD0001 Dilute soap solution 181.70K
DD0002 Dishwashing Detergent Machine 180.00K
DD0003 Dishwashing Detergent Hand 181.01K
DD0004 Cheer Fresh Clean Scent 184.34K
DD0005 Laundry detergent 181.40K
DD0006 Dish Detergent Yellow 179.02K
DD0008 Dish Detergent – Green 182.87K
DD0012 Deionized Water 171.30K
DD0014 Dry Detergent with Phosphates 177.62K
DD0015 Deoxyribonucleic acid 179.85K
DD0016 Dishwashing detergent machine 182.54K
DD0019 Dextrose 179.67K
DD0020 Dinitrosalicylic Acid Reagent 185.96K
DD0021 Dextrose Monohydrate 181.07K
DD0025 Diastase of Malt 202.55K
DD0026 Diatomaceous Earth 352.03K
DD0027 Dibutyl phthalate 365.14K
DD0030 Dichlorobenzene 342.34K
DD0031 Dichloromethane 291.72K
DD0032 Dichloroethane 370.87K
DD0035 Dimethyglyoxime 179.88K
DD0036 Dimethylglyoxime 1% in Ethanol 208.94K
DD0037 Diethyl Ether 189.05K
DD0038 Dimethyl-p-toluidine 204.34K
DD0041 Dimethylaminobenzaldehyde 180.71K
DD0043 Dimethyl sulfoxide 184.68K
DD0047 Diphenylamine Indicator 403.50K
DD0048 Dinitrosalicylic acid 182.46K
DD0050 Diphenylamine 205.69K
DD0057 Distilled Water 170.31K
DD0060 Disinfectant solution 184.85K
DD0064 Dodecanol 186.95K
DD0068 Distilled Water with Salt 1 gram per Liter 179.04K
DD0069 Distilled Water with Salt 35 Grams per Liter 179.06K
DD0070 Distilled Water with Salt 10 Grams per Liter 179.48K
DD0090 Dolomite 170.96K
DD0098 1-Methoxy-2-Propanol 189.41K
DD0100 Dichloroindophenol 177.86K
DD0105 Dialysis Tubing 6.4mm 176.66K
DD0106 Dialysis Tubing 15.9mm 176.90K
DD0107 Dialysis Tubing 29.6MM 176.70K
DD0108 Dialysis Tubing 47.7MM 176.71K
DD0109 Dialysis Tubing 32MM 176.72K
DD0113 Dye Mixture for Chromatography 243.17K
DD0114 Dye mixture 178.76K
DD0126 Dichlorofluorescein 0.1% 415.74K
DD0900 Drosophila Medium 260.89K
DD1004 Exothermic Mixture 186.11K
DD1005A Endothermic Mixture 192.15K
DD1020-A Polyurethane foam 209.34K
DD1020-B Polyurethane foam 182.93K
DD1122 Antacid #2 Tablet 178.19K
DD1123 Antacid #3 Tablet 178.45K
DD1124 Antacid #5 Liquid 178.52K
DD1125 Copper Balls 174.81K
DD1126 Aspirin Tablet – Regular 243.15K
DD1127 Aspirin Tablet – Buffered 244.24K
DD1128 Aspirin Tablet – Enteric Coated 244.18K
DD1129 Aspirin Tablet – Extra strength 184.82K
DD1138 Copper Metal Strips 174.92K
DD1188 Sunscreen SPF15 177.55K
DD1189 Sunscreen SPF30 178.39K
DD1197 Nutrient Agar 175.33K
DD1236 Luria agar 178.63K
DD1262 Nail laquer 187.99K
DD1395 Brown Ink 179.44K
DD1396 Scarlet Ink 178.48K
DD1399 Green Ink 178.80K
DD6500-A Simulated Blood Type A+ 179.43K
DD6500-AB Simulated Blood Type AB+ 177.96K
DD6500-ANTI-A Anti-Serum Anti-A 194.09K
DD6500-ANTI-B Anti-Serum Anti-B 180.21K
DD6500-ANTI-RH Anti-Serum Anti-RH 193.90K
DD6500-B Simulated Blood Type B- 178.78K
DD6500-O Simulated Blood Type O- 178.85K
EE0008 Electrolyte Solution 10X Concentrate 193.78K
EE0009 Electrolyte Solution 187.20K
EE0010 Embalming Fluid 386.10K
EE0012 Embalming Solution 217.95K
EE0020 Eosin B 180.05K
EE0040 Eosin Y yellowish disodium 180.47K
EE0051 Eosin Y Alcoholic 1% Solution 210.40K
EE0053 Ethidium Bromide Solution 216.95K
EE0054 Eosin Y 0.5% 178.89K
EE0055 Eosin Y 1% 178.86K
EE0056 Ethidium Bromide 100X (100 ug per mL) 217.31K
EE0057 Urea test reagent (Erhlich’s) 438.16K
EE0059 Eriochrome Black T 0.1% (IPA) 189.74K
EE0060 Eosin Y 0.2% 178.90K
EE0061 Eriochrome black T 0.1% (ETOH) 208.91K
EE0062 Eriochrome Black T Powder 181.04K
EE0063 Ethidium Bromide 1X (1 ug per mL) 218.74K
EE0064 Erythrosin Solution 1% 178.85K
EE0066 Ethidium Bromide concentrate 215.52K
EE0068 Ethyl Acetate 188.52K
EE0069 Ethanol 70% 189.93K
EE0070 Ethanol Anhydrous 208.79K
EE0071 Ethanol 50% 191.73K
EE0072 Ethanol 2% 187.59K
EE0074 Ethanol 1% 285.83K
EE0075 Ethanol Anhydrous 410.46K
EE0076 Ethanol 95% Solution 410.99K
EE0077 Ethanol 70% 325.00K
EE0080 Ethanol 95% 209.72K
EE0082 Ethanol 95% 416.49K
EE0083 Ethanol Anhydrous 415.54K
EE0086 Ethanol fuel burner 415.81K
EE0087 Ethyl valerate (apricot oil) 184.16K
EE0089 EDTA Disodium 0.7M (Online Diluent) 193.09K
EE0090 EDTA free acid 184.95K
EE0091 EDTA Disodium Salt 184.89K
EE0092 EDTA (0.1%) 183.29K
EE0093 EDTA disodium 0.005M 180.09K
EE0094 EDTA 0.1M (3.72%) 183.19K
EE0095 EDTA 0.01M (0.37%) 183.17K
EE0097 EDTA Solution 0.05M 183.21K
EE0099 EDTA Solution 0.015M 193.09K
EE0110 Ethylene Glycol 282.98K
EE0112 Ethylene Glycol, 50% 185.62K
EE0116 Ethoxyethoxy ethyl acrylate 186.04K
EE0150 Red leaf extract 190.32K
EE0328 Ethylenediamine 220.86K
EE0329 Ethylenediamine 10% 186.27K
FF0010 FAA Solution 202.04K
FF0017 Fabric Cement 190.68K
FF0018 Fabric Starch 196.96K
FF0018F Fabric Starch STA-FLO 182.09K
FF0020 Fast green FCF 180.40K
FF0028 Fast green 0.5% 181.15K
FF0029 Fast green FCF 0.3% in ethanol 208.39K
FF0030 Fast Green FCF 0.5% in Ethanol 210.54K
FF0040 Fehling’s Solution A 208.03K
FF0050 Fehling’s Solution B 193.64K
FF0055 Aldon Fender Cleaner 181.24K
FF0058 Ferric Ammonium Citrate (Green) 182.63K
FF0060 Ferric Ammonium Citrate (Brown) 184.16K
FF0070 Ferric Ammonium Sulfate Dodecahydrate 185.01K
FF0071 Ferric ammonium sulfate 0.1M 183.18K
FF0072 Ferric ammonium sulfate 0.03M 297.33K
FF0080 Ferric Chloride Hexahydrate 194.50K
FF0081 Ferric Chloride 2% 194.71K
FF0082 Ferric chloride 5% 194.74K
FF0099 Ferric chloride anhydrous -CHEMITE ONLY 197.35K
FF0100 Ferric Chloride Anhydrous 198.17K
FF0101 Ferric Chloride 0.1M (2.7%) 212.71K
FF0102 Ferric Chloride 1M (27.03%) 194.65K
FF0103 Ferric chloride 10% 194.64K
FF0106 Ferric chloride 15% 194.65K
FF0107 Ferric chloride 38% 194.65K
FF0108 Ferric chloride 0.2M (5.4%) 194.83K
FF0110 Ferric Nitrate 191.97K
FF0112 Ferric Nitrate 0.1M 184.25K
FF0113 Ferric Nitrate 1M (40.40%) 184.17K
FF0114 Ferric Nitrate 0.2M 189.76K
FF0118 Ferric nitrate 0.6M (24%) 184.43K
FF0119 Ferric nitrate 0.002M 181.39K
FF0120 Ferric Oxide Red 180.73K
FF0121 Ferric nitrate 0.5M 184.20K
FF0122 Ferric Nitrate 0.5M with Nitric acid 192.98K
FF0136 Ferric oxide black 181.50K
FF0150 Ferric sulfate nonahydrate 192.26K
FF0152 Ferric sulfate 0.1M (4.72%) 184.27K
FF0159 Ferroin solution 179.59K
FF0161 Ferrous Ammonium Sulfate Hexahydrate 186.08K
FF0164 Ferrous Ammonium Sulfate 0.1M Solution 175.82K
FF0169 Ferrous chloride 0.1M 195.01K
FF0170 Ferrous Chloride Tetrahydrate 193.53K
FF0190 Ferrous Sulfate 183.63K
FF0191 Ferrous sulfate 2% Solution 181.58K
FF0193 Ferrous sulfate 5% Solution 180.78K
FF0195 Ferrofluid 193.10K
FF0203 Ferrous sulfate 0.1M (2.78%) 181.45K
FF0204 Ferrous sulfate 0.2M (5.56%) 181.41K
FF0210 Ferrous sulfide 179.61K
FF0220 Fertilizer 10-10-10 179.81K
FF0223 Fertilizer 7-7-7 179.49K
FF0224 Fertilizer 20-10-10 180.40K
FF0227 Fiber Identification 324.81K
FF0230 Fertilizer liquid 178.58K
FF0233 Fingerprint Powder 247.22K
FF0236 Firefly lantern extract 176.42K
FF0240 Fluorescein 178.66K
FF0241 Fluorescein 0.1% Solution 185.70K
FF0242 Fluorescent pink pigment 180.01K
FF0244 Flour 208.58K
FF0246 Fluorescent Red 244.52K
FF0247 Fluorescent Blue 208.31K
FF0248 Fluorescent green 178.61K
FF0250 Formaldehyde 37% 213.86K
FF0265 Formalin in alcohol solution 209.65K
FF0266 Formaldehyde 10% Neutral Buffered 205.05K
FF0267 Formalin-Nigrosin Solution 328.30K
FF0267 Formalin-Nigrosin Solution (0.18%) 197.52K
FF0268 Formaldehyde 5% 204.90K
FF0269 Formaldehyde 10% 204.48K
FF0270 Formic Acid 85-98% 321.91K
FF0271 Formic acid 60% 195.61K
FF0285 Formula O-Z-K 187.25K
FF0290 Fructose 177.61K
FF0300 Fuchsin acid 180.03K
FF0301 Unisex fragrance 181.05K
FF0309 Fructose 0.1M 179.31K
FF0310 Fuchsin acid 1% 178.01K
FF0320 Fuchsin Basic 181.44K
FF0322 Fuchsin Basic 1% 179.22K
FF0355 Fumaric acid 185.97K
FF0357 Fungicide 280.13K
FF0358 Furfuryl Alcohol 194.03K
FF0400 FD&C Blue #1 – 0.5% 179.28K
FF0401A FD&C blue #1 – 0.1% 179.31K
FF0403 FD&C Blue #1 – 0.01% 178.83K
FF0406 Potassium Phosphate Buffer 176.42K
FF0410 FD&C blue #2 – 0.5% 178.81K
FF0420 FD&C Green #3 – 0.5% 180.41K
FF0430 FD&C red #3 – 0.5% 178.56K
FF0433 D&C Red #33 – 1% 179.62K
FF0439 FD&C Red #40 powder 180.10K
FF0440 FD&C Red #40 – 0.5% 179.00K
FF0441 FD&C red #40 – 1% 179.01K
FF0450 Wool violet 5BN – 0.5% 181.37K
FF0451 Wool Violet 5BN powder 180.78K
FF0460 FD&C Yellow #5 – 0.5% 182.76K
FF0460A FD&C yellow #5 powder 181.17K
FF0470 FD&C yellow #6 – 0.5% 181.11K
FF0480-SET Food Color Set of 4 180.38K
FF0480-SET7 Food color set of 7 181.00K
FF0481-SET Food Coloring Set 4 185.84K
FF0481-SET4 Food Color Set McCormick 199.07K
FF0490 Fogger Fluid 179.59K
FF0491 Ferrous chloride 1M 193.81K
GG0010 Galactose 178.59K
GG0012 Gallium Metal 191.43K
GG0020 Gastric Juice 183.98K
GG0025 Gelatin 181.59K
GG0030 Gelatin 172.09K
GG0049 Geraniol 192.71K
GG0050 Germanium 186.76K
GG0054 Germaben II 179.77K
GG0100 Giemsa Stain 179.01K
GG0101 Giemsa Stain 0.6% 376.75K
GG0106 Gilson’s Fixative 224.05K
GG0111 Glucose 0.1% 178.51K
GG0120 Glycerin 179.70K
GG0140 Glycerin Jelly 179.92K
GG0149 Glycine Control 177.29K
GG0150 Glycine 177.70K
GG0160 GLYCOGEN 179.11K
GG0178 Glucose Syrup 178.76K
GG0180 Glucose Standard (1%) 179.38K
GG0181 Glucose Standard Solution 179.60K
GG0183 Glucose (Dilute to 15%) 179.00K
GG0185 Glucose Syrup 179.35K
GG0187 Glucose (for dilution) 179.71K
GG0189 Glucose 1M Solution 180.54K
GG0190 a-Glucose-1-Phosphate, Disodium Salt 176.95K
GG0192 Glucose-Starch Mixture 177.61K
GG0193 Glucose (Dilute to 15%) 179.52K
GG0195 Glutamic Acid 177.93K
GG0199 Glutaraldehyde 50% 459.13K
GG0200 Glutaraldehyde 25% 459.52K
GG0202 White Glue 177.89K
GG0207 Granite 215.79K
GG0211 Grams Iodine Alcohol Solution 194.46K
GG0225 Graphite 244.30K
GG0226 Graphite Colloidal 204.24K
GG0227 Gravel Aquarium 216.50K
GG0228 Griess Reagent 416.04K
GG0228 Griess Reagent (Modified) 209.08K
GG0231 Guaicol 98% 186.44K
GG0235 Green Indicator 209.07K
GG0246 Guar Gum 189.58K
GG0250 Gum Arabic 190.11K
GG0260 Guar Tragacanth 189.85K
HH0001 Hard water remover 185.09K
HH0002 Hard Water Solution 183.97K
HH0010 Hematoxylin 178.31K
HH0011 Hematoxylin 1% in ethanol 208.33K
HH0012 Hematoxylin Solution 376.86K
HH0013 Hematoxylin (Ehrlichs) Solution 209.43K
HH0020 Heptane 200.30K
HH0023 Hexanediamine 0.5M 196.46K
HH0025 Hexanes 426.89K
HH0026 Hexanediamine 194.28K
HH0045 Histidine 178.21K
HH0066 Homogenizing medium 197.00K
HH0071 Hydrochloric Acid 32-36% 284.43K
HH0075 Humectant Solution 181.69K
HH0078 Hydrochloric Acid 10M (31.52%) 283.94K
HH0079 Hydrochloric Acid 0.3M (1.094%) 185.52K
HH0080 Hydrochloric Acid 0.7M (2.552%) 185.98K
HH0089 Hydrochloric Acid 0.02M (0.063%) 185.27K
HH0090 Hydrochloric Acid 1M 248.11K
HH0091 Hydrochloric Acid 0.01M (0.032%) 185.65K
HH0092 Hydrochloric acid 0.07M (0.687%) 185.41K
HH0093 Hydrochloric Acid 0.5M (1.56%) 191.10K
HH0094 Hydrochloric Acid 3M 245.53K
HH0095 Hydrochloric Acid 2M 245.72K
HH0098 Hydrochloric acid 0.05M (0.1568%) 183.81K
HH0099 Hydrochloric Acid 0.15M 186.01K
HH0100 Hydrochloric Acid 0.1M (0.314%) 188.67K
HH0103 Hydrochloric Acid 0.2M (0.63%) 185.41K
HH0108 Hydrochloric Acid 0.8M (2.51%) 186.05K
HH0110 Hydrochloric Acid 0.5% 183.44K
HH0112 Hydrochloric Acid 0.1% 183.41K
HH0113 Hydrochloric Acid 0.2% 183.44K
HH0120 Hydrochloric Acid 1% 185.96K
HH0123 Hydrochloric acid 1% in ethanol 416.20K
HH0130 Hydrochloric Acid 2% 185.86K
HH0140 Hydrochloric Acid 3% 245.83K
HH0150 Hydrochloric Acid 4% 245.76K
HH0155 Hydrochloric Acid 5% 245.77K
HH0158 Hydrochloric Acid 8% 245.27K
HH0160 Hydrochloric Acid 9% 245.76K
HH0162 Hydrochloric Acid 10% 284.55K
HH0165 Hydrochloric Acid 18% 284.61K
HH0167 Hydrochloric Acid 4M 284.62K
HH0168 Hydrochloric Acid 5M 284.63K
HH0169 Hydrochloric Acid 5.5M 284.62K
HH0170 Hydrochloric Acid 6M (18.8%) 284.80K
HH0171 Hydrochloric Acid 36.5-38% 285.45K
HH0172 Hydrochloric Acid 0.1M with NaCl 186.88K
HH0180 Hydrogen Peroxide 3% 183.37K
HH0183 Hydrogen Peroxide 35% 198.65K
HH0184 Hydrogen Peroxide 12% 199.46K
HH0185 Hydrogen Peroxide 1% 183.22K
HH0188 Hydrogen Peroxide 30% 198.37K
HH0189 Hydrogen Peroxide 6% 186.19K
HH0190 Hydrogen Peroxide 0.6% 183.94K
HH0191 Hydrogen Peroxide 6% w-silver nitrate 189.61K
HH0192 Hydrogen Peroxide 7% w-silver nitrate 189.60K
HH0193 Hydrogen peroxide 6% with TKPP 186.98K
HH0194 Hydrogen peroxide 10% with TKPP 199.13K
HH0195 Hydrocarbon Encapsulant 179.51K
HH0200 Hydroquinone 207.31K
HH0225 Hydroxylamine Hydrochloride 204.47K
HH0226 Hydroxylamine Solution 473.89K
HH0234 Hydroxyethyl methacrylate 186.46K
HH0236 Hydroxycyclohexyl phenyl ketone 180.57K
HH0255 Hydroxypropyl Methyl Cellulose 159.36K
IS1000 Separation of a Mixture SDS sheets complete 346.99K
IS10009 Acetic Acid AA0010 235.59K
IS1001 Acid or Base SDS pdf 432.51K
IS10017 Acetone AA0025 239.25K
IS10018 Acetone AA0025 239.33K
IS10019 Acetone AA0025 239.25K
IS1002 Playing with Polymers Printable SDS 316.02K
IS10020 Acetone AA0025 239.34K
IS10022 Acetone AA0025 238.96K
IS10023 Acetone AA0025 239.26K
IS10024 Acetone AA0025 239.34K
IS1003 What is Oobleck SDS 260.76K
IS10034 Agar AA0075 233.69K
IS10035 Agar AA0075 233.50K
IS10037 Agarose AA0083 229.99K
IS10042 Sodium Alginate AA0099 231.58K
IS1005 Healthy Plants SDS 291.13K
IS10051 Aluminum Shot AA0145 224.30K
IS1006 Soap Power SDS 191.76K
IS10064 Alum Pot Sulfate AA0195 233.28K
IS1007 Elephant Toothpaste SDS 271.95K
IS10071 Ammonia (Household) AA0210 241.11K
IS10072 Ammonia (Household) AA0210 241.10K
IS10079 Amm Chloride AA0235 235.48K
IS1008 Density Lava Lamp SDS 274.49K
IS10080 Ammonium Chloride AA0235 235.45K
IS10122 Amylase AA0358 234.04K
IS10127 Ascorbic Acid AA0425 231.37K
IS11007 Barium Chloride Dihydrate BB0030 243.84K
IS11008 Barium Chloride Dihydrate BB0030 243.85K
IS11011 Barium Chloride Anhydrous BB0036 243.01K
IS11013 Barium Chloride Anhydrous BB0036 243.03K
IS11032 Benedicts Qualitative BB0090 242.86K
IS11033 Benedicts Qualitative BB0090 242.86K
IS11034 Benedicts Qualitative BB0090 242.87K
IS11035 Benedict’s Qualitative Solution BB0090 242.86K
IS11036 Benedicts Quantitative BB0095 237.63K
IS11037 Benedicts Quantitative BB0095 237.63K
IS11051 Biuret Reagent BB0150 245.59K
IS11052 Biuret Reagent BB0150 245.58K
IS11053 Biuret Reagent BB0150 245.59K
IS11068 Bromothymol Blue Reagent BB0215 230.35K
IS11070 Bromothymol Blue BB0220 230.28K
IS11071 Bromothymol Blue BB0220 230.26K
IS11072 Bromothymol Blue BB0220 230.27K
IS11073 Bromothymol Blue 0.5% BB0221 230.70K
IS11074 Bromothymol Blue Solution 0.01% BB0222 230.70K
IS11075 Bromothymol Blue Solution 0.01% BB0222 230.71K
IS11076 Bromothymol Blue BB0225 230.72K
IS11077 BB0235 n-Butyl Alcohol 247.29K
IS11080 Butanol-sec BB0245 241.02K
IS11085 Buffer pH 2 BB0402 225.24K
IS11086 Buffer pH 3 BB0403 225.16K
IS11087 Buffer pH 3 BB0403 225.17K
IS11088 Buffer pH 4 BB0404 224.42K
IS11089 Buffer pH 5 BB0405 224.12K
IS11090 Buffer pH 5 BB0405 224.12K
IS11091 Buffer pH 6 BB0406 224.13K
IS11092 Buffer pH 6 BB0406 224.14K
IS11093 Buffer pH 7 BB0407 224.52K
IS11094 Buffer pH 8 BB0408 224.57K
IS11096 Buffer pH 9 BB0409 224.97K
IS11097 Buffer pH 9 BB0409 224.94K
IS11098 Buffer pH 10 Clear BB0410 224.85K
IS11099 Buffer pH 10 Clear BB0410 224.84K
IS11100 Buffer Solution Standard Ph11 BB0411 223.96K
IS11101 Buffer Solution Standard Ph12 BB0412 223.86K
IS11102 Buffer Solution Ph10 BBB410 226.69K
IS11103 Buffer pH 4 Red BBR404 227.38K
IS11104 Buffer pH 7 Yellow BBY407 227.70K
IS12013 Calcium Acetate CC0038 234.75K
IS12018 Calcium Carbonate Natural CC055 270.69K
IS12024 Boiling Chips CC060 271.11K
IS12025 Boiling Chips CC060 271.10K
IS12026 Boiling Chips CC060 271.12K
IS12028 Calcium Chloride Dihy CC0064 237.19K
IS12031 Calcium Chloride Dihydrate CC065 235.01K
IS12035 Calcium Chloride Anhy CC0075 235.87K
IS12036 Calcium Chloride Anhy CC0075 235.85K
IS12037 Calcium Chloride Anhydrous CC080 235.86K
IS12040 Calcium Hydroxide LG CC0095 245.31K
IS12063 Carbon Fuchsin (Ziehl-Neelsen) CC0165 263.38K
IS12069 Catalase CC0215 229.03K
IS12071 Cellulase CC0227 257.02K
IS12076 Carbon Activated Charcoal CC0250 230.25K
IS12077 Carbon Activated Charcoal CC0250 230.25K
IS12086 Chromium Metal Pieces CC0285 235.78K
IS12095 Chromatography Solvent CC0332 271.22K
IS12096 Citric Acid Monhy CC0335 235.77K
IS12097 Citric Acid Monhy CC0335 235.80K
IS12099 Citric Acid Anhy CC0337 233.85K
IS12100 Citric Acid Anhydrous CC0337 233.82K
IS12105 Cobalt (II) Chloride CC0349 274.65K
IS12122 Congo Red 1% CC0410 248.60K
IS12134 Copper Metal Shot CC0420 224.53K
IS12146 Crystal Violet 1.0% CC0455 243.76K
IS12147 Crystal Violet 0.1% CC0456 231.57K
IS12148 Crystal violet 2% alc CC0461 266.36K
IS12152 Copper (II) Carbonate CC0490 237.17K
IS12154 Copper (II) Chloride Dihydrate CC0500 239.69K
IS12161 Copper Chloride 0.5M CC0509 239.57K
IS12163 Copper (II) Chloride Anhydrous CC0510 245.68K
IS12167 Copper (II) Nitrate Trihydrate CC0515 244.27K
IS12176 Copper (II) Sulfate Anhydrous CC0531 259.48K
IS12177 Copper (II) Sulfate Anhydrous CC0531 259.06K
IS12178 Copper (II) Sulfate 5-Hydrate CC0535 267.95K
IS12179 Copper (II) Sulfate 5-Hydrate CC0535 258.79K
IS12187 Copper (II) Sulfate 5-Hydrate CC0545 258.80K
IS12192 Copper Sulfate Pentahy CC0550 258.81K
IS12195 Copper Sulfate 0.1M (2.5%) CC0551 255.21K
IS12196 Copper (II) Sulfate Solution 1.0M CC0552 257.98K
IS12204 Cyclohexane CC0580 251.26K
IS13000 Deionized Water DD0012 222.49K
IS13002 Glucose Anhy DD0019 230.91K
IS13003 Glucose Anhydrous DD0019 230.91K
IS13004 Dextrose DD0019 231.28K
IS13006 Glucose Monohydrate DD0021 232.78K
IS13011 Methylene Chloride DD0031 251.02K
IS13026 Dialysis Tubing DD0106 228.50K
IS13027 Dialysis Tubing 6.4mm x 10mm DD0105 228.28K
IS13028 Dialysis Tubing 32mm x 20.4mm DD0109 228.31K
IS13029 Dialysis Tubing 32mm x 20.4mm DD0109 228.33K
IS14001 Eosin Y 1% EE0055 230.20K
IS14012 Ethyl Alcohol EE0069 244.81K
IS14013 Ethyl Alcohol EE0075 263.32K
IS14014 Ethyl Alcohol Anhydrous EE0075 263.32K
IS14015 Ethyl Alcohol Anhydrous EE0075 263.32K
IS14018 Ethyl Alcohol EE0076 264.06K
IS14019 Ethyl Alcohol EE0076 264.06K
IS14020 Ethyl Alcohol EE0076 264.07K
IS14021 Ethyl Alcohol 95% Denatured EE0076 264.07K
IS15021 Iron(III) Nitrate 9-Hydrate FF0110 243.09K
IS15055 D-Fructose Lab Grade FF0290 228.86K
IS15060 Dye FD&C Blue #1 FF0400 230.61K
IS15063 FD&C red #3 – 0.5% FF0430 229.92K
IS16003 Gelatin Powder GG0025 223.24K
IS16007 Glycerin GG0120 230.94K
IS16008 Glycerin GG0120 230.94K
IS16015 Glucose Standard GG0180 230.72K
IS16016 Glucose Solution Makes 5% GG0187 230.95K
IS16017 Glucose Solution Makes 15% GG0193 230.78K
IS16022 Guaicol 98% GG0231-250 ML 237.68K
IS17003 Hexanes HH0025 254.69K
IS17004 Hexanes HH0025 254.70K
IS17008 Hydrochloric Acid HH0071 248.74K
IS17012 Hydrochloric Acid HH0090 241.45K
IS17013 Hydrochloric Acid HH0090 241.45K
IS17014 Hydrochloric Acid HH0090 241.45K
IS17015 Hydrochloric Acid HH0090 241.44K
IS17016 Hydrochloric Acid Solution 0.5M HH0093 237.24K
IS17018 Hydrochloric Acid HH0094 245.69K
IS17019 Hydrochloric Acid Solution 2.0M HH0095 244.23K
IS17020 Hydrochloric Acid HH0100 234.96K
IS17026 Hydrochloric Acid HH0170 248.11K
IS17027 Hydrochloric Acid HH0170 248.10K
IS17029 Hydrochloric Acid HH0171 248.30K
IS17030 Hydrochloric Acid HH0171 248.29K
IS17035 Hydrogen Peroxide 3% HH0180 234.69K
IS17036 Hydrogen Peroxide 3% HH0180 234.67K
IS17037 Hydrogen Peroxide 3% HH0180 234.84K
IS17038 Hydrogen Peroxide 3% HH0180 234.86K
IS17039 Hydrogen Peroxide 3% HH0180 234.69K
IS17040 Hydrogen Peroxide 3% HH0180 234.68K
IS17041 Hydrogen Peroxide 3% HH0180 234.70K
IS17042 Hydrogen Peroxide 30% HH0188 249.69K
IS17043 Hydrogen Peroxide 30% HH0188 249.67K
IS17044 Hydrogen Peroxide 30% HH0188 249.67K
IS17045 Hydrogen Peroxide 6% HH0189 237.38K
IS17046 Hydrogen Peroxide 6% HH0189 237.39K
IS18017 Iodine Solution IX0160 232.69K
IS18018 Iodine Solution IX0160 232.71K
IS18019 Iodine Solution IX0160 232.71K
IS18020 Iodine Solution IX0160 232.69K
IS18023 Grams Iodine IX180 232.76K
IS18033 Iron Filings IX210 230.75K
IS18034 Iron Filings (50-60 Mesh) IX0210 230.74K
IS18035 Iron Filings (50-60 Mesh) IX0210 230.74K
IS18042 Isopropyl Alcohol IX0230 239.74K
IS18043 Isopropyl Alcohol IX0230 239.74K
IS18045 Isopropyl Alcohol IX0235 240.67K
IS18046 Isopropyl Alcohol IX0235 245.97K
IS18047 Isopropyl Alcohol IX0235 240.70K
IS18048 Isopropyl Alcohol IX0235 240.68K
IS18049 Isopropyl Alcohol IX0235 240.70K
IS18050 Isopropyl Alcohol 99% IX0235 240.68K
IS19001 Janus Green B 1% JJ0012 232.77K
IS2001 Density and Displacement SDS 333.41K
IS2002 Water Hydration Printable SDS 346.13K
IS21000 Lactose LL0020 231.57K
IS21001 Lactose LL0020 231.57K
IS21023 Lead Nitrate LL0132 255.21K
IS21028 Lens Cleaner LL0158 232.85K
IS21029 Limewater Solution LL0170 225.83K
IS21030 Limewater Solution LL0170 225.84K
IS21031 Limewater Solution LL0170 225.83K
IS21032 Lipase LL0200 258.30K
IS21035 Lithium Chloride LL0220 238.20K
IS21036 Lithium Chloride LL0220 238.20K
IS21037 Lithium Chloride LL0220 238.20K
IS21038 Lithium Chloride LL0220 238.20K
IS21043 Lithium Nitrate LL0225 241.90K
IS21050 LuminolLL0250 236.00K
IS22000 Magnesium Mtl Ribbon MM0010 235.07K
IS22001 Magnesium Mtl Ribbon MM0010 235.07K
IS22009 Magnesium Carbonate MM0040 230.12K
IS22011 Magnesium Chloride Hexahydrate MM0050 230.16K
IS22028 Magnesium Sulfate Anhydrous MM0125 230.21K
IS22032 Magnesium Sulfate 7 H2O MM0130 230.39K
IS22036 Malachite Green 1% MM0161 245.94K
IS22038 Malonic Acid MM0170 242.63K
IS22040 Maltose Monohydrate MM0180 229.23K
IS22048 Manganese Dioxide Powder MM0220 237.71K
IS22062 Methanol MM0360 261.19K
IS22075 Methylene Blue Pwd MM0430 233.60K
IS22077 Methylene Blue MM0440 230.27K
IS22078 Methylene Blue MM0440 230.27K
IS22079 Methylene Blue MM0440 229.96K
IS22081 Methylene Blue Loefflers MM0451 262.47K
IS22082 Methylene Blue Loefflers MM0451 262.48K
IS22084 Methyl Orange Solution 0.1% MM0480 232.49K
IS22088 Methyl Red 0.02% MM0510 229.63K
IS22094 Mineral Oil Light MM0585 231.67K
IS22095 Mineral Oil Light MM0585 231.67K
IS22096 Mineral Oil Heavy MM0586 232.10K
IS23018 Nigrosin saturated solution NN0210 229.14K
IS2500 Endothermic Reactions Printable SDS 240.27K
IS2501 Exothermic Reactions SDS 236.87K
IS25010 Pepsin 1-3000 Powder PP0070 234.91K
IS2502 Chemiluminescence SDS 235.36K
IS25020 Polyvinyl Alcohol 4% PP00117 232.83K
IS25022 Polyvinyl Alcohol PP0118 234.23K
IS25024 Polyvinyl Alcohol 5% PP0119 232.81K
IS25029 Phenolphthalein PP0140 246.08K
IS2503 Paper Chromatography SDS 366.02K
IS25034 Phenolpthalein PP0160 257.96K
IS25035 Phenolpthalein PP0160 257.96K
IS25036 Phenolphthalein Solution 1.0% PP0160 257.95K
IS25037 Phenolphthalein Solution 1.0% PP0160 257.98K
IS25039 Phenolpthalein PP0161 256.17K
IS2504 Thin Layer Chromatography SDS 329.83K
IS25041 Phenolpthalein PP0161 256.17K
IS25042 Phenol Red PP0170 indd 232.74K
IS25043 Phenol Red Solution 0.02% PP0175 indd 229.27K
IS25044 Phenol Red Solution 0.02% PP0175 indd 229.26K
IS25045 Phenol Red 1% in IPA-Water PP0180 240.95K
IS25049 Phosphate Buffered Saline PP0233 indd 231.88K
IS2505 Properties of Polymers SDS 350.92K
IS25050 Phosphate Buffer 0.1M PP0235 indd 225.49K
IS25051 Phosphate Buffered Saline PP0236 231.78K
IS25066 Potassium Carbonate Anhydrous PP0420 227.79K
IS2507 Acids Bases and pH Scale SDS 798.37K
IS25072 Potassium Chloride PP0460 232.90K
IS25073 Potassium Chloride PP0460 232.90K
IS25074 Potassium Chloride PP0460 232.90K
IS2508 Chemical Identification of Biomolecules Printable SDS 473.87K
IS25095 Potassium Acid Phthalate PP0566 232.31K
IS25099 Potassium Hydroxide PP0570 243.58K
IS2510 Chemical Observation Set Part 1 of 2 SDS 671.01K
IS2510 Chemical Observation Set Part 2 of 2 English-French SDS 1.05M
IS2510 Chemical Observation Set Part 2 of 2 SDS 614.76K
IS2511 Intro to Chemical Properties SDS 669.19K
IS25113 Potassium Iodide PP0610 236.21K
IS25114 Potassium Iodide PP0610 236.21K
IS25115 Potassium Iodide PP0610 236.21K
IS25116 Potassium Iodide PP0610 236.20K
IS25119 Potassium Iodide 1M PP629 237.56K
IS2512 Intro to Reaction Rates SDS 538.86K
IS2513 Classification of Chemicals SDS 451.15K
IS25138 Potassium Permanganate PP0700 242.60K
IS25139 Potassium Permanganate PP0700 242.63K
IS2514 Intro to Chemical Equations SDS 596.60K
IS25148 Potassium Phosphate Monobasic PP0730 229.31K
IS2515 Chemical Analysis using Titrations SDS 344.19K
IS2516 Element Groups SDS 879.28K
IS25161 Potassium Thiocyanate PP0790 235.08K
IS25167 N-Propyl Alcohol PP0835 247.09K
IS2517 Properties of Matter SDS 781.56K
IS2518 Intro to Ionic Reactions SDS 1.05M
IS2519 Molarity SDS 443.58K
IS2520 A Safer Flame Test SDS 274.86K
IS2521 Fractional Distillation SDS 208.01K
IS2522 Chromatography of Amino Acids SDS 474.19K
IS2523 Separation of a Mixture of Solids SDS 441.17K
IS2524 Periodic Table SDS 510.71K
IS2525 Exploring the Solubility Rules Printable SDS 726.30K
IS2550 Chemistry Investigating Your World ACS Kit SDS 447.08K
IS2551 Chemistrys Colorful Clue 271.40K
IS2552 Glow It Up ACS Kit 260.89K
IS2553 CO2 to the Rescue 309.19K
IS2800 Synthesis of Ferrofluid SDS 405.55K
IS28003 Safranin O Solution 1.0% SS0030 231.66K
IS2801 Ferrofluid 249.83K
IS28011 Sand Playground SS0080 270.46K
IS28013 Sand White Fine SS0090 269.75K
IS28014 Sand White Fine SS0090 270.14K
IS28015 Sand White Fine SS0090 269.75K
IS28028 Silver Nitrate SS0160 251.14K
IS28030 Silver Nitrate Reagent SS0160 251.14K
IS28035 Silver Nitrate Solution 1.0M SS0161 244.27K
IS28036 Silver Nitrate 1% SS0162 235.50K
IS28038 Silver Nitrate Solution 0.1M SS0180 235.84K
IS28041 Silver Nitrate Solution 0.1M SS0180 235.84K
IS28045 Soda Lime SS0210 244.91K
IS28051 Sodium Acetate Anhydrous SS0230 231.86K
IS28056 Sodium Acetate SS0233 231.39K
IS28059 Sodium Bicarbonate SS0270 230.51K
IS28060 Sodium Bicarbonate SS0270 230.51K
IS28061 Sodium Bicarbonate SS0270 230.51K
IS28062 Sodium Bicarbonate SS0270 230.51K
IS28068 Sodium Borate SS0320 241.30K
IS28071 Borax Solution 4% SS0335 248.07K
IS28072 Sodium Borate 1% SS0338 248.39K
IS28073 Sodium Bromide SS0340 232.62K
IS28078 Sodium Carbonate SS0360 225.80K
IS28079 Sodium Carbonate Anhydrous SS0360 225.81K
IS28082 Sodium Carbonate 1M (10.6%) SS0402 227.50K
IS28084 Sodium Carbonate 0.1M (1.06%) SS0403 227.57K
IS28090 Sodium Chloride SS0430 230.26K
IS28091 Sodium Chloride SS0430 230.26K
IS28092 Sodium Chloride Reagent SS0430 230.26K
IS28099 Sodium Chloride SS0450 230.26K
IS28100 Sodium Chloride Crystal SS0450 230.26K
IS28103 Sodium Citrate Dihydrate SS0480 232.01K
IS28109 Sodium Hydroxide SS0550 245.95K
IS28110 Sodium Hydroxide SS0550 245.95K
IS28113 Sodium Hydroxide Pellet SS0550 245.95K
IS28114 Sodium Hydroxide Pellet SS0550 245.95K
IS28115 Sodium Hydroxide Bead SS0570 245.91K
IS28117 Sodium Hydroxide Quick prep SS0570 245.92K
IS28119 Sodium Hydroxide 2M (8%) SS575 245.11K
IS28120 Sodium Hydroxide SS0576 244.65K
IS28121 Sodium Hydroxide SS0580 244.55K
IS28122 Sodium Hydroxide Solution 1.0M SS0580 244.56K
IS28124 Sodium Hydroxide SS0582 244.21K
IS28125 Sodium Hydroxide Solution 0.5M SS0582 244.23K
IS28128 Sodium Hydroxide SS0600 233.81K
IS28130 Sodium Hydroxide Solution 0.1M SS0600 233.84K
IS28132 Sodium Hypochlorite 5% SS610 236.34K
IS28135 Sodium Iodide Reagent SS620 235.55K
IS28136 Sodium Iodide Reagent SS620 235.53K
IS28161 Sodium Phosphate Monobasic Anhydrous SS0756 232.76K
IS28163 Sodium Phosphate Dibasic Anhydrous SS0760 233.19K
IS28165 Sodium Phosphate Dibasic Heptahydrate SS0761 232.54K
IS28167 Sodium Phosphate Tribasic Dodecahydrate SS0790 241.88K
IS28171 Sodium Polyacrylate SS0807 234.95K
IS28175 Sodium Sulfate SS0830 226.05K
IS28176 Sodium Sulfate SS0830 226.06K
IS28194 Sodium Thiosulfate Anhydrous SS0882 232.20K
IS28204 Starch Soluble SS0940 230.90K
IS28205 Starch Soluble SS0940 230.91K
IS28207 Starch EZPrep SS0940 231.04K
IS28210 Starch Solution 5% SS0945 230.90K
IS28211 Starch Potato SS0960 230.35K
IS28212 Starch Indicator Solution 1% SS0982 234.91K
IS28213 Starch 1% SS0982 234.91K
IS28218 Strontium Chloride 6-Hydrate SS0996 245.44K
IS28219 Strontium Chloride 6-Hydrate SS0996 245.47K
IS28220 Strontium Chloride 6-Hydrate SS0996 245.44K
IS28221 Strontium Chloride 6-Hydrate SS0996 245.43K
IS28229 Sucrose Cane Sugar SS1020 234.94K
IS28230 Sucrose SS1020 234.94K
IS28231 Sucrose SS1020 234.94K
IS28232 Sucorse SS1020 234.93K
IS28236 Sudan III Alcohol Solution Sat SS1050 245.43K
IS28238 Sudan IV Solution (Alc) SS1070 246.60K
IS28239 Sudan IV Solution (Alc) SS1070 246.60K
IS28252 Sulfuric Acid SS1120 257.39K
IS28255 Sulfuric Acid Solution 1.0M 265.76K
IS28256 Sulfuric Acid Solution 1.0M SS1125 265.75K
IS28258 Sulfuric Acid SS1126 287.15K
IS29000 Talc 95% Powder 325 Mesh TT0005 240.47K
IS29019 Tin metal shot TT0180 236.41K
IS29031 TAE Buffer Concentrate Tris A TT0271 242.02K
IS29032 TAE Buffer Concentrate Tris A TT0271 242.02K
IS29033 Tris-Glycine SDS Buffer 10X TT0272 239.96K
IS29034 Tris-Borate EDTA Buffer 5X TT0280 239.23K
IS3000 DNA Chromosome Staining Printable SDS 288.32K
IS30000 Universal Indicator UU0010 268.86K
IS30001 Universal Indicator UU0010 268.84K
IS30002 Universal Indicator Solution UU0010 268.86K
IS30003 Universal Indicator Solution UU0010 268.86K
IS3001 Osmosis and Diffusion Printable SDS 311.28K
IS3002 DNA Extraction Printable SDS 297.06K
IS3003 Diffusion and Cell Size Printable SDS 282.15K
IS3004 ATP Firefly and Bioluminescence SDS 226.24K
IS3005 Anesthefly SDS 211.77K
IS3006 Kidneys and Blood Filtration Printable SDS 241.36K
IS3008 Urinalysis Using Simulated Urine Printable SDS 443.73K
IS3008-REF Replacement Urine SDS 312.02K
IS3009 Enzymes and Digestion Printable SDS 619.95K
IS3011 Electrophoresis Agorose Separation Printable SDS 470.92K
IS3012 Cellular Respiration Printable SDS 388.40K
IS3013 Nutrient Food Test Printable SDS 473.84K
IS3014 Bacterial Growth and Staining Printable SDS 413.49K
IS3015 ATP Muscle Kit printable SDS 185.41K
IS3050 Nutrient Deficiency in Plants SDS 631.98K
IS3051 Chromatog Plant Pigments Printable SDS 278.32K
IS3100 ABO Blood Typing SDS 391.37K
IS3100-REF ABO Blood Typing Refill SDS 391.38K
IS3101 Blood Typing Activity SDS 430.31K
IS3101-REF Blood Typing Activity SDS 430.30K
IS3102 Genetics of Blood Types SDS 392.00K
IS3102-REF Genetics of Blood Types Refill SDS 391.99K
IS3103 Blood Type Interactions SDS 426.61K
IS3103-REF Understanding Blood Type Interactions Refill SDS 429.13K
IS3104 Forensics using Simulated Blood SDS 568.15K
IS3104-REF Forensics using Simulated Blood SDS 568.15K
IS3150 Human Antiserums SDS 247.18K
IS3151 Human Antiserums SDS 195.79K
IS3151-AA0602-AA0603 Human Antiserums SDS 174.30K
IS3152 Human Antiserums SDS 195.82K
IS3153 Blood Typing Anti H Lectin 188.87K
IS3153 Human Antiserums SDS 174.22K
IS3170 Freeze Dried Blood Typing (A,B) SDS 195.82K
IS3171 Freeze Dried Blood Typing (A,B,RH) SDS 195.79K
IS3172 Freeze Dried Blood Typing (RH) SDS 195.81K
IS3190 Determination of Blood Type SDS 318.40K
IS3300 Electrophoresis and DNA Fragment SDS 394.86K
IS3301 DNA Fingerprinting Electrophoresis SDS 434.87K
IS3303 DNA Paternity Testing ElectrophoresIs SDS 434.95K
IS34000 Yeast Active Dry YY0005 235.59K
IS34001 Yeast Active Dry YY0005 235.59K
IS34002 Yeast brewers YY0010 235.66K
IS3401 Enteric Coated Drugs SDS 365.83K
IS3402 STEM Biomaterial to Make Your Own Contact Lenses SDS 229.77K
IS3450 Create Your Own Power Printable SDS 692.44K
IS3451 STEM Investigations Fingerprint Classification Printable SDS 200.61K
IS3452 Stem Investigations Is Yeast Alive Printable SDS 269.49K
IS3500 Photosynthesis the Hill Reaction SDS 308.29K
IS35000 Zinc Mtl Mossy ZZ0015 231.35K
IS35002 Zinc Metal Granular (20 Mesh) ZZ0021 232.78K
IS35003 Zinc Metal Granular (20 Mesh) ZZ0021 232.78K
IS35007 Zinc Mtl Pieces ZZ0023 231.44K
IS3502 Intro to Enzyme Catalyzed Reactions SDS 453.62K
IS3510 Human Antiserums SDS 226.10K
IS3701 Investigation #1 SDS 238.83K
IS3704 Invetigation #4 SDS 632.99K
IS3705 Investigation #5 SDS 232.30K
IS3706 Cell Respiration AP#6 SDS 198.27K
IS3707 Investigation #7 SDS 310.58K
IS3708 Investigation #8 Printable SDS 239.49K
IS3709 Investigation #9 Printable SDS 466.96K
IS3711 Investigation #11 SDS 1.69M
IS3712 Investigation #12 SDS 332.46K
IS3713 AP Biology Investigation #13 SDS 463.28K
IS3730 Guaiacol SDS 242.71K
IS3902 E Coli Freeze Dried 177.25K
IS3903 Lyophilized Micrococcus luteus 177.26K
IS3904 Lyophilized Serratia Marcesens 177.62K
IS3906 Lyophilized Staphylococcus Epidermidis 177.29K
IS4001 Alizarin Yellow R 5PK SDS 235.56K
IS4002 AA0425 Ascorbic Acid 5PK SDS 236.44K
IS4003 AA0425 Ascorbic Acid 1PK SDS 236.43K
IS4004 BB0030 Barium Chloride 3PK SDS 248.57K
IS4005 BB0055 Barium Nitrate 5PK SDS 244.75K
IS4006 BB0055 Barium Nitrate 1PK SDS 244.74K
IS4007 BB0085 Benedicts 2PK 245.87K
IS4008 Bromothymol Blue 5PK SDS 234.82K
IS4009 CC0064 Calcium Chloride 5PK 242.30K
IS4010 CC0064 Calcium Chloride 1PK 242.31K
IS4011 CC0395 Congo Red 5PK SDS 252.21K
IS4012 CC0535 Copper Sulfate 5PK SDS 263.43K
IS4013 FF0190 Ferrous Sulfate 5PK SDS 237.49K
IS4014 LL0125 Lead Nitrate 5PK SDS 271.95K
IS4015 MM0090 Magnesium Nitrate 5PK SDS 242.94K
IS4016 Magnesium Nitrate 1PK SDS 243.02K
IS4017 MM0130 Magnesium Sulfate 5PK SDS 234.76K
IS4018 MM0465 Methyl Orange 5PK SDS 244.26K
IS4019 PP0480 Potassium Chromate 5PK SDS 257.53K
IS4020 PP0480 Potassium Chromate 1PK SDS 257.53K
IS4021 PP0566 Potassium Hydrogen Phthalate 5PK SDS 236.64K
IS4022 PP0650 Potassium Nitrate 3PK 246.40K
IS4023 SS0270 Sodium Bicarbonate 5PK SDS 234.99K
IS4024 SS0270 Sodium Bicarbonate 1PK SDS 234.98K
IS4025 SS0340 Sodium Bromide 5PK SDS 237.19K
IS4026 SS0340 Sodium Bromide 1PK SDS 238.48K
IS4027 SS0360 Sodium carbonate 5PK 230.22K
IS4028 SS0360 Sodium carbonate 1PK SDS 230.22K
IS4029 SS0430 Sodium Chloride 5PK 234.72K
IS4030 Sodium Chloride 1PK SDS 234.70K
IS4031 SS0430 Sodium Chloride 5PK SDS 234.70K
IS4032 SS0760 Sodium Phosphate 5PK SDS 237.65K
IS4033 SS0760 Sodium Phosphate 1PK SDS 237.66K
IS4034 SS0670 Sodium Molybdate 5PK SDS 235.64K
IS4035 SS0670 Sodium Molybdate 1PK SDS 235.62K
IS4036 SS0882 Sodium Thiosulfate 5PK SDS 235.91K
IS4037 SS0882 Sodium Thiosulfate 1PK SDS 235.81K
IS4038 Starch Soluble 5PK SDS 235.40K
IS4039 SS0940 Starch Soluble 1PK SDS 235.41K
IS4040 SS1000 Strontium Nitrate 5PK SDS 246.66K
IS4041 SS1000 Strontium Nitrate 1PK SDS 246.66K
IS4042 TT0140 Thymol Blue 5PK SDS 234.95K
IS4043 ZZ0110 Zinc Sulfate 5PK SDS 249.66K
IS4044 ZZ0110 Zinc Sulfate 1PK SDS 249.65K
IS4045 NN0216 Nile Blue A Sulfate 1PK SDS 234.74K
IS4046 SS0020 Safranin O 1PK SDS 244.49K
IS4047 Safranin O 1PK SDS 244.49K
IS4048 NN0070 Neutral Red 1PK SDS 234.43K
IS4049 MM0430 Methylene Blue Chloride 1PK SDS 238.17K
IS4050 Methylene Blue Chloride 1PK SDS 238.17K
IS4051 Methyl Green 1PK SDS 235.49K
IS4052 Malachite Green HCL 1PK SDS 262.19K
IS4053 Fuchsin Basic 1PK SDS 235.87K
IS4054 Eosin Y Yellowish 1PK SDS 236.24K
IS4055 Crystal Violet 1PK SDS 263.72K
IS4056 Crystal Violet 1PK SDS 263.72K
IS4057 Bromothymol Blue 1PK SDS 234.75K
IS4058 Bromothymol Blue 1PK SDS 234.75K
IS4059 BB0215 Bromothymol Blue 1PK SDS 234.81K
IS4060 Methyl Orange 1PK SDS 244.25K
IS4061 Bromocresol yellow SDS 242.25K
IS4062 Bromocresol Green 1PK SDS 250.63K
IS4063 BB0195 Bromocresol Purple 1PK SDS 235.96K
IS4064 Congo Red 1PK SDS 252.19K
IS4065 Cresol Red 1PK SDS 248.51K
IS4500 PP0610 Potassium Iodide 1PK SDS 240.68K
IS4501 HH0071 Hydrochloric Acid 32-36% SDS 253.64K
IS4503 SS0550 Sodium Hydroxide 1PK SDS 251.09K
IS4504 BB0085 Benedicts Powder 1PK SDS 245.87K
IS5000 Solvent, Caustic and Acid Spill Kit SDS 399.22K
IS5001 Flammable Spill printable SDS 225.01K
IS5002 Spill Kit Caustic Printable SDS 241.12K
IS5003 Acid Spill Printable SDS 248.98K
IS5004 Vital Stain SDS 506.99K
IS5005 Spore Stain SDS 394.96K
IS5006 Acid Fast Stain Kit Printable SDS 306.13K
IS5007 Agarose Dye Markers 241.74K
IS5008 Bacteria Stain Chemicals 416.80K
IS5009 Microcrystal Growth Printable SDS 423.04K
IS5010 ATP Firefly Lantern SDS 226.24K
IS5011 Grams staining kit SDS 338.50K
IS5012 pH Indicator Set 299.09K
IS5013 Disappearing Rainbow SDS 474.28K
IS5014 Negative Stain Printable SDS 303.12K
IS5015 Microscope Slide Making Kit SDS 202.23K
IS5017 Grams Stain SDS 340.97K
IS5020 CC0245 Chlorophyll Alfalfa 25g 234.15K
IS5020 Cereal Grass Media 25g SDS 211.36K
IS5021 Cereal Grass Media 100g SDS 234.10K
IS5022 Cereal Grass Media 500g 234.11K
IS5023 Bromine Water Printable SDS 301.14K
IS5030 Microbiology Science Fair Printable SDS 190.47K
IS5031 Coliform Test SDS 190.34K
IS5032 Acid Rain Science Fair Printable SDS 201.51K
IS5035 Formaldehyde Spill SDS 244.54K
IS5036 Drosophilia Media SDS 257.29K
IS5037 Universal Absorbent Printable SDS 225.02K
IS5038 Universal Mini Spill Printable Instruc SDS 225.02K
IS5038 Universal Mini Spill Printable SDS 222.17K
IS5039 Universal Spill Printable SDS 225.02K
IS5040 Luminol Reagent SDS 249.05K
IS5041 Master Spill Kit Printable SDS 351.46K
IS5050 Buffer Set.SDS pdf 309.57K
IS5060 Rheoscopic Fluid SDS 243.50K
IS5061 Rheoscopic Fluid concentrate 240.69K
IS5062 SS0980 Rheoscopic Fluid concentrate 240.31K
IS5065 Ringer’s Solution- Mammal SDS 234.66K
IS5066 Ringer’s Solution- Frog SDS 189.64K
IS5067 Ringer’s Solution- Chicken SDS 235.39K
IS5070 Urine with Control SDS pdf 235.62K
IS5071 Urine with Vitamin C SDS 237.16K
IS5072 Urine with Phosphates SDS 238.21K
IS5073 Urine with Albumin SDS 190.53K
IS5073 UU0070 Urine with Albumin 236.47K
IS5074 UU0083 Urine with ketone 236.63K
IS5075 Urine with Glucose SDS 236.73K
IS5080 Artificial Urine Set-4 SDS 306.07K
IS5095 SS1020 Sucrose Set 234.32K
IS5100 Student Bacteria Science Kit SDS 185.70K
IS5110 Agar Nutrient 237.00K
IS5111 Nutrient Broth Powder 248.22K
IS5112 MM1027 Tryptic soy agar 235.25K
IS5113 MM1028 Tryptic soy broth 235.10K
IS5114 MM1026 Luria agar Miller’s 248.83K
IS5115 MM1025 Luria Broth Millers 249.47K
IS5116 Sabrouraud-Dextrose Agar 248.88K
IS5117 Sabrouraud-Dextrose Broth 247.69K
IS5117 Sabrouraud-Dextrose Broth (2) 247.70K
IS5118 EMB Agar (Levine) 250.90K
IS5119 MM1032 MacConkey Agar 248.40K
IS5130 AA0076 Agar Nutrient 237.02K
IS5130 Agar Nutrient 237.02K
IS5131 Nutrient Broth 248.62K
IS5132 MM1027 Tryptic soy agar 235.21K
IS5133 Tryptic soy broth 235.08K
IS5134 MM1026 Luria agar Miller’s 249.21K
IS5135 MM1025 Luria Broth Millers 249.85K
IS5136 Sabrouraud-Dextrose Agar 248.87K
IS5137 Sabrouraud-Dextrose Broth 247.67K
IS5138 EMB Agar (Levine) 250.85K
IS5139 MM1032 MacConkey Agar 251.92K
IS5150 Agar Nutrient 237.02K
IS5151 Nutrient Broth Powder 248.22K
IS5152 MM1027 Tryptic soy agar 235.21K
IS5153 Tryptic soy broth 235.02K
IS5154 MM1026 Luria agar Miller’s 248.79K
IS5155 MM1025 Luria Broth Millers 249.51K
IS5156 Sabrouraud-Dextrose Agar 248.86K
IS5157 Sabrouraud-Dextrose Broth 247.74K
IS5158 EMB Agar (Levine) 250.84K
IS5159 MM1032 MacConkey Agar 247.21K
IS5201 Agarose 0.8% SDS 238.35K
IS5202 Agarose 1% SDS 238.12K
IS5203 Agarose 2% SDS 237.85K
IS5204 Agarose SDS 234.81K
IS5205 Agarose SDS 235.03K
IS5206 Tris Borate EDTA 5X SDS 239.23K
IS5207 Tris EDTA SDS 235.14K
IS5208 Loading Dye SDS 235.33K
IS5209 DNA Blue Stain SDS 237.77K
IS5250 Agarose Gel Electrophoresis Reagent Pack SDS 308.23K
IS5320 – HH0012 Hematoxylin Solution SDS 264.37K
IS5350 Nutrient Agar 230.83K
IS5500 – Iodine Pot Iodide 0.05M SDS pdf 238.47K
IS5501 – Iodine Pot Iodide SDS 237.42K
IS5502 – Iodine Potassium Iodide Solution SDS 237.41K
IS5503 – CS12 Iodine Pot Iodide 0.05M 238.45K
IS5504 – Iodine Pot Iodide SDS 237.42K
IS5505 – Iodine Pot Iodide SDS 237.42K
IS5506 – Iodine Potassium Iodide Solution SDS 237.40K
IS5507 – Iodine tincture SDS 252.94K
IS5508 – Iodine Pot Iodide 2% Solution SDS 237.67K
IS5600 Aldon White Board Cleaner SDS 192.15K
IS5601 – Laboratory Cleaner SDS 251.30K
IS5601 Laboratory Cleaner SDS 170.93K
IS5602 – Laboratory Cleaner SDS 251.29K
IS5605 Aldon Screen Clean SDS 189.14K
IS6002 Formation of Esters SDS 418.87K
IS6003 Synthesis of Aspirin SDS pdf 379.19K
IS6004 Distillation of Alc Sol Dye SDS 197.41K
IS6104 Chemical Bonds and Rates of Reactions SDS 789.55K
IS6106 Reactant Concentration 316.01K
IS6111 Synthesis of Organic Acid SDS 384.88K
IS6500 Green Fuel Cell Printable SDS 350.78K
IS6502 Effectiveness of Sunscreens SDS 231.22K
IS6503 Fermentation of Yeast SDS 358.92K
IS6505 Titration of Polyprotic Acids Printable SDS 380.91K
IS6506 Potentiometric Titration Printable SDS 385.85K
IS7001 Synthesis of Rayon SDS 318.56K
IS7002 Autocatalysis SDS 319.53K
IS7003 Ampnolytes Chemical Demo SDS 290.46K
IS7004 Exothermic Reactions SDS 197.36K
IS7005 Endothermic Reactions SDS 200.45K
IS7006 Exo-Endothermic Combo SDS 244.63K
IS7007 Blue Bottle Reaction SDS 284.07K
IS7008 Synthetic Rubber SDS 259.52K
IS7009 This Layer Chromatography SDS 360.87K
IS7010 Nylon Rope Kit SDS 261.24K
IS7011 Red & White Precipitates SDS 283.53K
IS7012 Surface Tension of Water SDS 238.55K
IS7013 Chemiluminescence SDS 239.97K
IS7014 Eutectic Alloy SDS 276.70K
IS7015 Chemical Battery SDS 422.96K
IS7016 Negative Coefficient SDS 194.20K
IS7017 Bioluminescence SDS 230.54K
IS7018 Polyurethane Foam SDS 257.36K
IS7019 Foam City SDS 290.61K
IS7020 Dehydration of Sucrose SDS 270.16K
IS7021 Dehydration of Sucrose SDS 308.96K
IS7022 Colofrful Vanadium SDS 274.26K
IS7023 Oscillation Reaction SDS 297.91K
IS7024 Traffic Light Small booklet SDS 285.33K
IS7025 Solid Fuel SDS 256.04K
IS7026 Oxidation Reduction SDS 283.79K
IS7027 Oscillating Reaction SDS 358.22K
IS7028 Oxidation of Glycerin Instructions SDS pdf 240.09K
IS7029 Underwater Fireworks SDS 283.66K
IS7030 Oxidation Reduction SDS 300.71K
IS7031 Silicate Garden SDS 395.97K
IS7032 Formation of Tin Wool SDS 248.04K
IS7033 Genie in a Bottle SDS 244.50K
IS7034 LeChateliers Principle English-French SDS 481.26K
IS7034 LeChateliers Principle SDS 322.87K
IS7035 Water to Wine SDS 498.46K
IS7036 Forming Red White & Blue SDS 327.43K
IS7037 Density of Liquids.SDS pdf 421.60K
IS7039 Disappearing Rainbow SDS 632.99K
IS7040 Redox Reaction SDS 310.60K
IS7041 Fluorescent Slime SDS 285.64K
IS7042 Chemiluminscence SDS 198.13K
IS7043 Snow Polymer Demo SDS 192.46K
IS7044 War of the Acids SDS 408.38K
IS7045 Making Fluorescent Worms SDS 336.69K
IS8001 Thermochemistry and Hess SDS 323.61K
IS8002 Activity Series SG SDS 945.32K
IS8003 Mole Ratio of Reactants SDS 236.31K
IS8004 Lechateliers Principle SDS 476.32K
IS8005 Formation of Esters SDS 509.20K
IS8006 Acids and Bases SDS 335.87K
IS8007 Reaction Kinetics SDS 352.16K
IS8008 Dissociation Constants SDS 371.62K
IS8009 Qualitative Analysis SDS 795.83K
IS8010 Beer Lambert Law SDS 315.54K
IS8011 Stoichiometry SDS 359.49K
IS8012 Equilibrium Constant SDS 279.95K
IS8013 Oxidation Reduction Complete SDS 553.77K
IS8014 Freezing Point Depression SDS 336.09K
IS8015 Vapor Pressure SDS 189.86K
IS8016 Electrochemical Cells SDS 408.60K
IS8017 Thin Layer Chromotography SDS 334.26K
IS8018 Molecular Mass of a Liquid SDS 250.99K
IS8019 Thermochromism SDS 348.30K
IS8020 Water Hardness SDS 269.99K
IS8021 Synthesis of Aspirin SDS 369.05K
IS8022 Grignard Synthesis SDS 367.40K
IS8024 Properties of Buffers SDS 489.58K
IS8025 Empirical Formula SDS 191.95K
IS8026 Molar Volume of a Gas SDS 237.09K
IS8027 Acid Base Indicators SDS 328.48K
IS8028 Gravimetric Analysis SDS 244.36K
IS8029 Analysis of Pot Alum Sulfate SDS 235.79K
IS8030 Electrochemical Series SDS 577.15K
IS8031 Liquid Chromatography SDS 342.23K
IS8060 Principles of Stoichiometry SDS 1.41M
IS8101 AP Chemistry #1 SDS 190.28K
IS8102 AP Chemistry Lab #2 SDS 539.64K
IS8103 AP Chemistry Lab #3 SDS 508.11K
IS8104 AP Chemistry Lab #4 SDS 488.15K
IS8105 AP Chemistry Lab #5 SDS 519.56K
IS8106 AP Chemistry Lab #6 SDS 1.28M
IS8107 AP Chemistry Lab #7 SDS 192.97K
IS8108 AP Chemistry Lab #8 SDS 425.29K
IS8109 AP Chemistry Lab #9 SDS 404.22K
IS8110 AP Chemistry Lab #10 SDS 266.62K
IS8111 AP Chemistry Lab #11 SDS 277.89K
IS8112 AP Chemistry Lab #12 SDS 434.12K
IS8113 AP Chemistry Lab #13 SDS 1.08M
IS8114 AP Chemistry Lab #14 SDS 448.57K
IS8115 AP Chemistry Lab #15 SDS 317.02K
IS8116 AP Chemistry Lab #16 SDS 708.01K
IS8701 Formation of Native Copper SDS 252.20K
IS8702 Soil Analysis SDS 598.54K
IS8703 Mohs Hardness Test SDS 347.91K
IS8704 Chemical and Mechanical Erosion of Rocks SDS 426.03K
IS8705 Crystal Growing Kit SDS 343.67K
IS8706 Exploring Meteorology SDS 195.28K
IS8707 Porosity and Permeability SDS 354.50K
IS9000 Forensic Chemistry Set of 12 Lab Activities SDS 3.01M
IS9001 Gunshot Residue SDS 315.38K
IS9002 Presumptive Blood SDS 302.44K
IS9003 Document Analysis SDS 210.61K
IS9004 Fuming Fingerprints SDS 232.34K
IS9005 Physical Properties of Glass SDS 267.02K
IS9005-REF Physical Properties of Glass Refill SDS 262.91K
IS9006 Unknown Substances SDS 596.42K
IS9008 Forensic Chemistry of Blood Types SDS 432.73K
IS9008-REF Forensic Chemistry of Blood Types Refill SDS 429.65K
IS9009 Chemiluminescence SDS 263.16K
IS9010 Drug Detection SDS 461.02K
IS9011 Crime Scene Investigations SDS 255.98K
IS9012 Carbon Fingerprinting SDS 200.58K
IS9012-REF Carbon Fingerprinting Refill SDS 170.92K
IS9013 Fingerprint Detection SDS 250.77K
IS9014 Blood Spatter SDS 188.71K
IS9015 Soil and Mineral Analysis SDS 644.21K
IS9015-REFILL Soil and Mineral Analysis Refill SDS 643.71K
IS9016 Forensic Drug and Poison Analysis SDS 1.18M
IS9016-REF Forensic Drug and Poison Analysis Refill SDS 1.18M
IS9017 Forensic Doc Analysis SDS 434.54K
IS9017-REF Forensic Doc Analysis Refill SDS 434.55K
IS9018 Forensic Analysis of Fabric and Fiber SDS 374.51K
IS9019 Who Stole the Gold SDS 774.64K
IS9021 Forensic Dental Analysis SDS 295.33K
IS9021-REF Forensic Dental Analysis Refill SDS 295.62K
IS9022 Forensic Toxicology sds 860.27K
IS9023 Forensic Drug Testing SDS 546.36K
IS9024 Forensic Case Study SDS 767.94K
IS9025 Forensic Case Study-Murder at Eagle Nest SDS 510.06K
IS9075 Spatter Blood 234.61K
IS9350 Properties of Toothpaste SDS 407.11K
IS9351 Properties of Soaps & Detergents SDS 352.31K
IS9352 Properties of Antacids SDS 488.95K
IS9353 Properties of Shampoo SDS 412.40K
IS9353-REF Properties of Shampoo REFILL SDS 336.95K
IS9354 Properties of Aspirin SDS 461.03K
IS9355 Science in the Kitchen SDS 806.12K
IS9500 Production of Biodiesel SDS 291.37K
IS9501 Electrochemical Remediation SDS 271.41K
IS9502 Detergents and Environment SDS 270.26K
IS9503 Greener Synthesis SDS 435.95K
IS9504 Determining Composition SDS 230.32K
IS9505 Iodine Clock Reaction SDS 316.33K
IS9506 Synthesis of Nanoparticles SDS 313.13K
IS9507 Hydrogen Fuel Cell SDS 200.67K
IS9508 Green Fuel Cell SDS 350.78K
IS9700 Water Treatment and Filtration SDS 556.65K
IS9701 Nitrate Phosph and Eutrophication SDS 304.03K
IS9703 Weathering and Erosion SDS 600.17K
IS9704 Acid Rain and Environment SDS 199.57K
IS9705 Oil Spill Remediation SDS 341.53K
IS9707 Salinity in Seawater SDS 462.31K
IS9750 Dissolved Oxygen SDS 396.37K
IS9751 Water Hardness SDS 269.95K
IS9752 Waters Alkalinity SDS 292.90K
IS9753 Nitrite and Nitrate Concentrations SDS 276.27K
IS9754 Determination of Ammonia SDS 270.81K
IS9755 Determination of Salinity SDS 247.02K
IS9799 Enviromental Air and Water Printable SDS 309.65K
IX0008 Igepal surfactant 192.64K
IX0010 Indigo Carmine Disodium Salt 181.09K
IX0020 Indigo carmine 1% aq 180.83K
IX0060 Ink black 10% 181.61K
IX0061 Ink Washable Black 180.67K
IX0095 Invertase 189.56K
IX0100 Insect Preservative 190.17K
IX0117 Iodine Potassium Iodide 0.005M Solution 182.79K
IX0118 Iodine Clock Reagent A 186.86K
IX0119 Iodine Clock Reagent B 193.23K
IX0120 Iodine 186.39K
IX0132 Iodine Water Solution (0.9%) 181.67K
IX0133 Iodine water solution 0.020M (0.50%) 182.44K
IX0134 Iodine water solution 0.0156M (0.39%) 182.62K
IX0135 Iodine Potassium Iodide Solution 182.79K
IX0136 Iodine Potassium Iodide Solution 0.025 Molar 183.33K
IX0138 Iodine potassium iodide 0.1M 182.27K