IS9351 Properties of Soaps and Detergents

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Though similar in function, soaps and detergents differ in chemistry and performance. Students will examine the similarities and differences in the properties of soap, hand dishwashing detergent, and machine dishwashing detergent, all provided in the kit. Activities include testing pH, examining the effect of soap and detergent on the surface tension of water, foaming ability, fat emulsification, and the performance of soap and detergent in hard water. Kit contains enough materials for 15 groups. Teacher’s Manual and Student Study Guide copymasters are included.

Aligned to the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS)*

Disciplinary Core Ideas: PS1.A; PS1.B
Performance Expectations: MS-PS1-3; HS-PS1-3
Cross Cutting Concepts: Patterns; Structure and Function
Engineering Practices: Obtaining, Evaluating and Communicating Information; Planning and Carrying Out Investigations

Kit Includes:
1 x 25mL Liquid Soap
1 x 25mL Dishwashing Detergent (Hand)
1 x 25mL Dishwashing Detergent (Machine)
1 x 60mL Vegetable Oil
1 x 60mL Calcium Chloride, 5% Solution
60 Disposable Medicine Cups
60 Polystyrene Test Tubes
60 Capillary Tubes
60 Graduated Plastic Pipettes
1 Pkg/50 Universal Indicator Strips

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