IS9005 Physical Properties of Glass

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Often times, during a criminal investigation, police and crime scene investigators must use all available tools and pieces of evidence to work backwards and create the most likely scenario as to what might have occurred. Different types of evidence provide different pieces to the puzzle. Learn about the different chemical and physical characteristics and properties of glass. Find how forensic scientists use these differences to help provide evidence to solve crimes. Kit contains enough material for 15 groups. Teacher’s Manual and Student Study Guide copymasters are included.

Aligned to the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS)*

Disciplinary Core Ideas: PS1.A; PS1.B
Performance Expectations: MS-PS1-2
Cross Cutting Concepts: Patterns
Engineering Practices: Analyzing and Interpreting Data

Kit Includes:
45g Borosilicate Glass Beads
45g Flint Glass Beads
45g Soda-lime Glass Beads
100mL Refractive Index Solution #1
100mL Refractive Index Solution #2
100mL Refractive Index Solution #3
15 Magnifiers

Optional: UV Light Source

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