IS8001 Thermochemistry and Hess’ Law

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Employ Hess’s Law of enthalpy based on the observed data for two reactions. Students can measure the temperatures of the reaction in a calorimeter and analyze the data calculating the enthalpy of each reaction. This experiment can be completed in about an hour.

Kit Includes:
8 x 250mL Hydrochloric Acid, 2M/2N Solution
8 x 250mL Sodium Hydroxide, 2M/2N Solution
2 x 500mL Ammonium Chloride, 2M Solution
2 x 500mL Ammonium Hydroxide, 2M Solution

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UN1789, Hydrochloric acid, 8, III, Ltd Qty
UN1824, Sodium hydroxide solution, 8, II, Ltd Qty

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