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Students will learn the nature and specificity of enzyme-catalyzed reactions. Students will then use an extract of turnips to examine the reaction between hydrogen peroxide and the enzyme peroxidase while testing one or more factors that influence the rate of enzyme reactions.In this lab students will develop data collection strategies and analyze their results. This kit contains enough materials for 8 groups. Teachers manual and Student Study Guide copymasters are included. Meets AP Science Practices 4, 5, 6, and 7, and Big Idea 4.

Kit Includes:
1.5mL Guaiacol Concentrate
50mL 1.0% Hydrogen peroxide
100mL pH 3 Buffer
100mL pH 5 Buffer
100mL pH 6 Buffer
100mL pH 7 Buffer
100mL pH 8 Buffer
100mL pH 10 Buffer

Materials Needed but not Supplied:
Test Tube 16x150mm
8 Test Tube Racks
16 Graduated Pipettes 1mL
8 Graduated Pipettes 5mL
16 Graduated Pipettes 10mL
8 Pipette Pumps or Pipette Bulbs
8 Timers/ Stop Watches Parafilm or Similar
Distilled or Deionized Water

Recommended: Spectrophotometer

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