IS3301 DNA Fingerprinting Electrophoresis Lab Activity

DNA fingerprinting is one of the strongest forms of evidence in forensic investigations. In this activity students will perform agarose gel electrophoresis on four DNA samples to determine if DNA from suspects matches that of DNA found at a crime scene. Students will also learn about restriction enzymes and the importance of these enzymes in the DNA fingerprinting process. The kit contains enough materials for 8 groups and includes a Teacher’s Guide and Student Study copymasters.

Kit Includes:
200mL Prepared Agarose, 0.8% Solution
500mL Tris-Borate-EDTA Buffer, 5X
60mL DNA Stain, 20X
10ug Crime Scene DNA
10ug Victim DNA
10ug Suspect #1 DNA
10ug Suspect #2 DNA

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