IS3185 Erycard ™ Blood Type Test Kit

Determine ABO/Rh blood type of real human blood in under five minutes. A small amount of blood is applied to a series of wells containing lyophilized blood typing antibodies, followed by the addition of a wash buffer that flows across each well. Red blood cells that agglutinate in the presence of a particular antibody will not be rinsed from the sample well and the well will remain red, indicating a positive result. Red blood cells that have not undergone agglutination will be rinsed from the well and the well will revert to white, indicating a negative result. Each card contains a negative control well to ensure accurate results. Kit contains enough materials for 1 test. Instructions are included.

Kit Includes:
6 mL Buffer Solution
1 Erycard™
1 Alcohol Wipe
1 Lancet
4 Blood Collection Sticks

DOT Info:

This test kit is designed for educational/instructional use only. This test kit is not designed for clinical/medical/diagnostic use.

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