IS2551 American Chemical Society: Chemistry’s Colorful Clue Lab Activity

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This kit and the accompanying teacher’s guide have been developed by the American Chemical Society through grants from the National Science Foundation and National Institutes of Health. Through the lessons in this lab students will learn how human activity may affect natural water sources. Using an indicator, students will determine how acids and bases impact the pH of water. Upon completion of this activity, students will then create carbon dioxide gas through a chemical reaction and determine if the carbon dioxide could have affected the pH of a local stream.

Kit Includes:
1 x 30g Citric Acid
1 x 30g Baking Soda
9 x 25mL Bromothymol Blue Indicator
9 Small Metric Measuring Cups
16 Portion Cups, 2oz
25 Clear 10oz Plastic Cups
18 Clear 3oz Plastic Cups
16 Clear 9oz Plastic Wide Cups
9 Small Plastic Spoons
8 Pipettes
1 pkg Toothpicks
32 Cotton Swabs
1 Plastic Spoon
1 Straw
5 pieces Paper

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