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Founded in 1964, Aldon Corporation is celebrating over 50 years of custom blending and packaging chemicals for a variety of markets. Our ISO 9001 certified facility provides over 2,000 laboratory chemicals in 13,000 sizes and configurations, providing the ultimate in flexibility, while including GHS Safety Data Sheets, labeling options, and a five-color storage system for each chemical.

In short – we make chemicals for companies who make everything else.

Since the beginning, Aldon Corporation has been dedicated to meeting the needs of our customers without compromising the planet for future generations. This commitment includes creating a safe, secure, and environmentally responsible culture.

Read more about our sustainability efforts to preserve our planet.

Download our ISI9001:2015 Certificate 4057US 20-21



Aldon Corporation also manufactures our own line of educational kits, marketed under our Innovating Science brand. Educational institutions and their partners will find kits for a variety of scientific fields including:

  • AP Chemistry Kits
  • AP Biology Kits
  • Environmental Chemistry Kits
  • Forensic Science Kits
  • Green Chemistry Kits
  • Life Science Kits
  • Consumer Science Kits
  • General Chemistry Kits
  • Micro-chemistry
  • Biomedical Engineering Kits
  • Microbiology Kits
  • Distance Learning Kits
  • Elementary Science Kits
  • STEM Kits
  • Biotechnology Kits
  • Safety Clean-Up Kits
  • Small Group Learning Kits

Through Aldon Corporation’s growth, new products continue to be developed and marketed to go beyond the needs of the science classroom and the curiosity of students and teachers.

Let us be your solutions provider for:

  • Chemical Formulations
  • Custom Packaging
  • Educational Kits
  • Private Label Chemicals
  • Contract Research & Development
Aldon Corp
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