For more than 50 years Aldon Corporation has been dedicated to meeting the needs of the our customers without compromising our future generations. This commitment includes creating safe, secure and environmentally responsible culture.

We accomplish these goals by integrating quality, security, environmental, health and safety into our management processes. Customer and employee satisfaction, commitment to excellence, integrity, environmental stewardship and a safe workplace are part of our culture.

Some examples of our commitment to sustainability include:

  • Upgrading to new energy efficient equipment.

  • Participating with the New York State Energy Research Development Agency in its energy efficiency initiatives.

  • Recycling program for cardboards.

  • “Green Chemistry” line of products

  • Substitution chemicals available

  • Eco-friendly packaging options to reduce waste

  • Our Safety Committee pro-actively complies with all applicable regulations including those of the Occupational, Safety and Health Administration, The Environmental Protection Agency, The NYS Department of Environmental Conservation, The Department of Labor, The Department of Transportation and the Department of Homeland Security