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AA0001 Acetic Acid 0.349M (2.095%) 172.90K
AA0002 Acetic Acid 4.5M (25.6%) 188.44K
AA0003 Acetic Acid 6M (34.8%) 183.83K
AA0004 Acetic Acid 3M (18.01%) indd 178.53K
AA0005 Acetic Acid Glacial 185.67K
AA0006 Acetic Acid 10M (57.8%) indd 187.58K
AA0007 Acetic acid 10% 174.94K
AA0008 Acetic Acid 36% 183.52K
AA0009 Acetic Acid 5% 172.81K
AA0010 Acetic Acid 1M (5.9%) 172.88K
AA0011 Acetic Acid 1% 172.76K
AA0012 Acetate Buffer Solution (5.7%) 173.31K
AA0013 Acetic Acid 0.5M (3%) 173.21K
AA0015 Acetic Acid 0.1M (0.59%) 172.84K
AA0016 Acetamide 185.56K
AA0017 Acetic Acid 0.873M (5.02%) 173.27K
AA0018 Acetanilide 172.04K
AA0019 Acetic Anhydride 201.54K
AA0020 Aceto-Carmine 2% 184.12K
AA0021 Aceto-Carmine 1% 184.37K
AA0023 Acetaminophen 174.12K
AA0024 Acetic Acid 2M (11.56%) 175.18K
AA0025 Acetone 176.52K
AA0026 Acetic Acid 0.1% indd 172.80K
AA0027 Acetone-Ethanol (50-50%) 198.57K
AA0029 Acetic Acid 0.01M (0.057%) indd 172.78K
AA0030 Aceto-Orcein 2% 183.61K
AA0031 Acid Alcohol 1% 202.65K
AA0032 Acetone-Naphthalene 197.83K
AA0033 Acetaldehyde 192.62K
AA0035 Acetylcholine Bromide 0.01% 167.87K
AA0036 Acetonitrile HPLC 177.14K
AA0038 Acetylsalicylic Acid 179.40K
AA0041 Acid Alcohol 202.18K
AA0042-KIT Amino Acid Kit Set of 22 213.17K
AA0043 Acidic Saline Solution 172.82K
AA0044 Acid Destain 3% 187.03K
AA0047-KIT Amino Acid Kit Set of 20 210.64K
AA0049-KIT Amino Acid Set of 3 167.80K
AA0050 Adenosine Triphosphate 162.87K
AA0051 Adhesive Remover 227.22K
AA0054 Adhesive Remover #2 178.58K
AA0055 Adipic Acid 174.37K
AA0056 Adipoyl Chloride 185.26K
AA0057 Adipoyl Chloride-Hexane 201.69K
AA0059 Adrenaline 183.01K
AA0060 Adrenaline 0.1% (1-1000) indd 171.89K
AA0061 Adrenaline 0.02M (0.336%) indd 171.98K
AA0062 Adrenaline 0.000M (1-1000000) indd 172.10K
AA0064 Acetic Acid 50% 201.19K
AA0065 Adrenaline 0.01% (1-10000) 171.98K
AA0067 Adrenaline 0.001% (1-100000) 172.18K
AA0068 Adrenaline 0.00001% (1-10000000) 172.19K
AA0069 Acetic Acid 4.5% 170.60K
AA0075 Agar 170.42K
AA0076 Agar Nutrient 168.92K
AA0079 Agarose 1% 170.37K
AA0080 Alanine Control 163.77K
AA0082 Agarose 2% 170.31K
AA0083 Agarose 167.66K
AA0084 Agarose (0.8%) 170.71K
AA0085 Vinegar 10% 172.73K
AA0086 Acetic Acid 6% 201.16K
AA0087 B-Alanine 166.82K
AA0089-SET6 Agarose Dye Markers 176.01K
AA0089A Bromophenol Blue 167.77K
AA0089B Xylene Cyanol 168.69K
AA0089C Orange G 167.44K
AA0089D Crystal Violet 173.69K
AA0089G Malachite Green 167.74K
AA0089H Agarose Dye Mixture 170.06K
AA0089I Agarose Dye Mixture #1 175.98K
AA0089J Agarose Dye Mixture #2 173.82K
AA0090 DL-Alanine 167.01K
AA0095 Albumin 159.83K
AA0096 Albumin 1% 168.10K
AA0098 Alginic Acid 2% 167.44K
AA0099 Alginic Acid 168.23K
AA0100 Alizarin Red S 167.30K
AA0101 Alizarin Red S 0.1% 167.06K
AA0103 Alizarin Red S 1% 167.53K
AA0104 Alginic Acid 2% with blue 168.05K
AA0105 Alizarin Yellow R 171.67K
AA0110 Algae Waterline Stain Remover 177.72K
AA0115 Alizarin Yellow R 0.1% 168.74K
AA0119 Alkaline Iodide Reagent 184.06K
AA0127 Alum Carmine Solution – Grenacher 172.83K
AA0128 Alum Cochineal Solution 176.98K
AA0131 Aluminon 172.71K
AA0135 Aluminum Granular 161.65K
AA0140 Aluminum Metal Powder 176.65K
AA0141 Aluminum Powder 176.65K
AA0144 Aluminum Sheet 162.65K
AA0145 Aluminum Shot 161.70K
AA0146 Aluminum Strips 162.61K
AA0147 Aluminum Sheet 162.66K
AA0154 Aluminum Ammonium Sulfate 25% 172.38K
AA0155 Alum Amm Sulfate Dodecahydrate 173.17K
AA0165 Aluminum Chloride Hexahydrate 181.08K
AA0166 Aluminum Chloride Anhydrous 180.19K
AA0167 Aluminum Chloride 2M (48.27%) 182.17K
AA0168 Aluminum Chloride 0.1M (2.41%) 173.72K
AA0175 Aluminum Chloride 0.2M (4.82%) 173.79K
AA0180 Aluminum Hydroxide 168.13K
AA0181 Aluminum Nitrate 0.05M (1.88%) 173.07K
AA0182 Aluminum Nitrate 1M (37.5%) 173.07K
AA0183 Aluminum Nitrate 0.1M (3.75%) 173.20K
AA0184 Aluminum Nitrate Nonahydrate 180.33K
AA0185 Aluminum Nitrate 2M (75.03%) 173.16K
AA0185 Aluminum Nitrate 2M (75.03%) copy 173.16K
AA0186 Aluminum Oxide 167.36K
AA0187 Aluminum Nitrate 0.2M (4.26%) 173.11K
AA0189 Aluminum Oxide, Plastic Polish 166.54K
AA0195 Aluminum Potassium Sulfate 170.81K
AA0200 Aluminum Sulfate x-Hydrate 179.42K
AA0201 Aluminum Sulfate 18-Hydrate 179.47K
AA0202 Aluminum Sulfate 0.5M (17.1%) 179.97K
AA0203 Aluminum Sulfate 14% 173.18K
AA0204 Aluminum Sulfate 1M (34.2%) 179.95K
AA0205 Sudsy Ammonia 172.53K
AA0206 Aluminum Sulfate 0.1M (3.42%) 172.53K
AA0207 Amino Acid Mixture 163.50K
AA0208 Ammonia Buffer 186.21K
AA0210 Ammonia – Household 177.52K
AA0211 Ammonia Solution 3% 177.42K
AA0212 Ammonia Test Solution #1 170.34K
AA0213 Ammonia Test Solution #2 174.31K
AA0214 Ammonia Test Solution #3 173.17K
AA0215 Ammonium Acetate 169.71K
AA0216 Ammonium Acetate Buffer 188.55K
AA0217 Ammonium Acetate 10M (77.09%) 168.67K
AA0218 Ammonium Acetate 0.1M (0.77%) 168.23K
AA0219 Ammonium Acetate 1M (7.7%) 168.51K
AA0220 Ammonium Bromide 170.80K
AA0221 Ammonium Bicarbonate 169.92K
AA0224 Ammonium Carbonate Lumps 174.16K
AA0230 Ammonium Carbonate 173.79K
AA0231 Ammonium Carbonate 0.1M (0.9%) 168.42K
AA0232 Ammonium Carbonate 1M (9%) 168.56K
AA0233 Ammonium Carbonate 0.5M (4.5%) 168.57K
AA0235 Ammonium Chloride 173.22K
AA0239 Ammonium Chloride 5M (26.74%) 171.85K
AA0241 Ammonium Chloride 1M (5.35%) 171.05K
AA0242 Ammonium Chloride 2M (10.7%) 171.04K
AA0243 Ammonium Chloride 0.1M 171.05K
AA0244 Ammonium Chloride 0.2M (1.07%) 171.07K
AA0255 Ammonium Dichromate 227.72K
AA0261 Ammonium Hydroxide 50% 330.15K
AA0262 Ammonium Hydroxide 0.5M (0.8%) 174.28K
AA0263 Ammonium Hydroxide 5M (10%) 185.49K
AA0264 Ammonium Hydroxide 28-30% 186.03K
AA0265 Ammonium Hydroxide 28-30% 186.00K
AA0266 Ammonium Hydroxide 20% 186.07K
AA0267 Ammonium Hydroxide 1% 177.56K
AA0268 Ammonium Hydroxide 12M (22-25%) 186.03K
AA0271 Ammonium Hydroxide 0.75M (1.28%) 177.62K
AA0272 Ammonium Hydroxide 1.5M (2.55%) 176.65K
AA0273 Ammonium Hydroxide 6M (12%) 185.43K
AA0274 Ammonium Hydroxide 3M (5%) 178.36K
AA0275 Ammonium Hydroxide 1M (1.6%) 177.62K
AA0276 Ammonium Hydroxide 2M (3.2%) 177.59K
AA0277 Ammonium Hydroxide 0.2M (1.11%) 177.62K
AA0278 Ammonium Hydroxide 8M (12.8%) 185.87K
AA0280 Ammonium Hydroxide 0.1M (0.16%) 174.65K
AA0284 Ammonium Molybdate 0.5M 172.35K
AA0285 Ammonium Molybdate 171.88K
AA0286 Ammonium Molybdate 0.1M 172.37K
AA0286 Ammonium Molybdate 0.1M 222.49K
AA0286 Ammonium Molybdate 0.1M 246.12K
AA0287 Ammonium molybdate 2.5% 168.82K
AA0294 Ammonium nitrate 1.5M (12%) 175.17K
AA0295 Ammonium Nitrate 184.75K
AA0295 Ammonium Nitrate 196.97K
AA0300 Ammonium Nitrate 181.72K
AA0301 Ammonium nitrate 0.5M (4%) 171.16K
AA0302 Ammonium nitrate 1M (8%) 174.46K
AA0303 Ammonium nitrate 0.1M (0.8%) 170.56K
AA0304 Ammonium Oxalate 0.25M (3.55%) 171.03K
AA0305 Ammonium Oxalate 184.73K
AA0307 Ammonium Persulfate 204.25K
AA0310 Ammonium phosphate monobasic 168.54K
AA0311 Ammonium Phosphate Monobasic Solution 169.89K
AA0313 Ammonium phosphate dibasic 170.32K
AA0325 Ammonium Sulfate 168.98K
AA0326 Ammonium Sulfate 0.1M 171.70K
AA0327 Ammonium Sulfate 1M 171.69K
AA0340 Ammonium Thiocyanate 173.25K
AA0341 Ammonium thiocyanate 0.5M (3.806%) 169.54K
AA0343 Ammonium thiocyanate 4% 169.80K
AA0344 Amyl propionate 173.11K
AA0349 Amyl Alcohol 176.28K
AA0351 Ammonium vanadate 0.1M (1.17%) 184.59K
AA0352 Amylase Solution 192.48K
AA0353 Ammonium Metavanadate 194.25K
AA0354 Ammonium vanadate 2% 184.55K
AA0355 Amyl Acetate 176.05K
AA0356 Ampicillin Sodium Salt 183.21K
AA0357 Anesthefly Solution 203.96K
AA0358 Amylase (Calcium Carbonate) 171.46K
AA0360 Aniline Blue Water Soluble 185.32K
AA0361 Aniline blue 1% 167.91K
AA0370 Antimony powder 182.11K
AA0372 Amylase (maltose) 171.45K
AA0375 Antimony Lump 181.57K
AA0376 Antimony Chloride 184.18K
AA0380 Antimony potassium tartrate 182.90K
AA0400 Antacid Effervescent 174.21K
AA0420 Arginine 166.95K
AA0425 Ascorbic Acid 169.45K
AA0426 Ascorbic Acid 1% 166.66K
AA0428 Ascorbic acid (Vitamin C tablet) 166.99K
AA0430 Asparagine 166.91K
AA0435 Aspartic acid 166.54K
AA0440 Aspirin Solution 0.004M 174.54K
AA0450 Anti-Static glass cleaner 179.63K
AA0494 Anti-Serum Anti-A 164.07K
AA0495 Anti-Serum Anti-B 176.08K
AA0496 Anti-Serum Anti-RH 172.17K
AA0500 DNA Blue Stain 170.16K
AA0501 Azure B stain 170.70K
AA0506 Aluminum Chloride 1M (24.14%) 182.07K
AA0601-AA0602 Human Antiserums 179.95K
AA0601-AA0602-AA0603 Human Antiserums 180.11K
AA0603 Human Antiserums 180.09K
AA9501 Acetic Acid 0.83M 172.75K

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