Teacher Resources

Videos and simple formulations for teachers.


Dehydration of Sucrose

Sulfuric Acid is poured on a mixture sucrose and sodium carbonate. The resultant reaction produces a large amount of black foam as well as steam and smoke.

Oxidation of Glycerin

A small amount of potassium permanganate is placed in a petri dish. A few drops of glycerin are added and after a few seconds a puff of smoke and violet flames are produced.

Polyurethane Foam

Make your own foam and explain how two viscous liquids are mixed together, they initiate a reaction producing a light weight polyurethane foam which expands 30 times the original volume of the two liquids.


Explain and view chemiluminescence. Observe how luminol is converted to an excited state in the presence of an oxidizer such as hydrogen peroxide. As the excited state molecule decays or returns to the ground state energy is produced as light.

Foam City: Decomposition of Hydrogen Peroxide

A large quantity of foam is produced when detergent and potassium iodide are added to hydrogen peroxide.