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Inventory System

Chemical Inventory Management System (CIMS)

Login to CIMS

One year site license. Good for up to 20 buildings in one school district.
(CIMS) IS4800

Our Inventory Management System allows customers to log in to their own account and set up a database that helps track inventory at different locations, such as buildings or even classrooms. You can easily add, modify, or delete chemical inventory items, and view information about each chemical. This data is easily accessible from any computer using a web browser, helping you reach your safety goals!

Setup Locations

The first time the user logs in the only action that will be available is a set up location. Here they would enter building names and assign rooms to them.

A level of location such as cabinet if required can be added. The location structure can be edited by the user at any time.

Add to Inventory

After setting up locations, users will be able to add inventory by searching for the chemical name. After selecting a chemical from the search results, the user will be taken to a page that contains information about the chemical, including a link to its SDS file. Also from this page the chemical can be added to multiple locations in the user’s inventory. The user can enter quantity information, expiration date, etc. for each location.

Review Inventory

Once an inventory has been established, the user can view their inventory by either choosing a location or viewing all the chemicals and quantities in that location where that chemical can be found. The user can choose to modify or delete existing inventory from these pages, or click on a chemical name to add more inventory.

Export/Print Inventory

Users will be able to export their inventory data as an Excel file and will be able to print the inventory of any location they choose.


Data will reside on an outside server. This allows you to access your regulatory data in the event of an emergency in your building.

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