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Cleaning & Sanitation Solutions

Looking for a specialized cleaning solution for a certain application? Need help formulating your own cleaning solution?
ISO 9001 certified, Aldon Corporation has been manufacturing cleaning solutions for decades. Whether you need an industrial cleaning solution or a small package cleaner, we can manufacture it under your brand.

Some of our specialty cleaning products include:

  • Optical and Glass Cleaners
  • Boat Cleaners
  • Wood and Teak Cleaners
  • Fabric Cleaners
  • Patio Furniture Cleaners
  • White Board Cleaners
  • Screen Cleaners
  • Metal Cleaners
  • Green Chemical Cleaners
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Packaging, Repackaging and Filling Services
Increase brand awareness and repeat orders with our private label packaging services for your cleaning solution.

  • 4 color custom labels with your logo or ours
  • Lot codes and traceability
  • Small parcel packaging or palletizing
  • Stretch wrapping
  • Drop ship capabilities
  • Paperless EDI and Invoicing capabilities
  • Custom packing lists
  • Specialty packaging services
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Custom Education Kits

Custom Kits

If you are interested in a custom kit or set of cleaners, we can custom package that kit under your brand.  We can even globally source lab equipment and parts for your kit to complement your cleaners.

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Custom Education Kits

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